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jennafer waggoner (
Tue, 26 May 1998 00:24:09 +0000

I have to agree with Thomas, I believe that Capitalism is the cause of
widespread modern homelessness, not the cure.  More jobs have never
cured homelessness.  Most people who are homeless who jump into jobs,
basically stay homeless until they can afford rent (1st last and
security).  Most often, the time that they do get any money saved up
they are promptly criminilized or mangled by how difficult it is to
maintain a job, while being homeless, without getting fired.  Fired for
things like, not having a watch or a calendar and missing important
dates and times.  Not being able to eat for two weeks until the first
paycheck comes.  Not being able to hit shower facilities after work. 
Being ticketed for sleeping outside or in a vehicle and having to pay
with court visits and work misses.  We won't even go into clothing or
needing tools for employment.  Many people I know can't get work, unless
they buy their gear up front.  Stuff like aprons, gloves, TB tests,
boots, uniforms, fees, etc.

And why do people really believe that mainstream society has come
anywhere close to accepting people with 'different mental attitudes' the
so-called mentally ill, can even get or maintain a job to get inside. 
Are you really saying that more jobs eliminate or relieve this
population?  Where do you live, Libby?

A decrease in homelessness right now, has everything to do with
weather.  The season is changing and the people most often migrate. 
There are people who have favorite places to go during certain seasons
and often do go there.  Tis the season for enforcement of anti homeless
laws.  People are becoming less compassionate now that the rains and the
snows are gone, seemingly, and are calling the cops on the people they
may have ignored before.  Many people enjoy the sun and the new
increased chances to sleep in various areas that less sheltered than
before, during the inclement weather.

What do you think CA Governor Pete Wilson did with the money he took
from the Welfare Cuts?  He built twin towers, a prison for poor people. 
Check out the facts, they amazingly link together like pieces in a

The only thing that Capitalism does is keep people quiet, because if you
act up about what you know is going on that is wrong, or take out any
time to do something about it personally... then you get fired and end
up homeless.  The homeless should just go out and get a job... everyone
finally concedes. 

And for whoever made the comment about the Anarchists posting to HPN, it
seems funny to me that content of the messages is being ignored while
someone is singling out the word Anarchist as having some negative
connotation.  Modern Anarchists are not the violent pinko commies they
have been portrayed as in the movies, or by people who acted out their
sicko fantasies donning a cool Anarchist sticker on their weaponry.

A person truly informed on Anarchist principles would not have made a
comment that was so exclusive and condescending.  I wouldn't go around
making fun of your belief systems or making you out to be some wingnut
and expect you'd be happy about it.  End of rant.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, For All my Relatives

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peace through reason wrote:
> At 04:12 PM 5/24/98 -0400, libby <> wrote:
> >Matt,
> >
> >At 02:55 PM 24/05/1998 -0400, HOBOMATT wrote:
> >
> >>I live in Colorado Springs and have worked, in a variety of settings, with
> >>homeless people for over 20 years. I have recently noticed a slight but
> >>perceptable drop in the numbers of homeless people living on the streets
> >>here: numbers asking for food and clothing down at one charity outlet,
> >fewer  folks at the soup kitchen and drop-in, and fewer men at our little
> >Rescue
> >
> >Yep, Matt, this is the impact on allowing the market to improve its own
> >economic opportunities for people ... the more jobs there are for people,
> >the less people need emergency shelters and food kitchens, and the better
> >the business climate is for small businesses to create these jobs, the more
> >jobs will be created ... and so on ... less homelessness.  Capitalism does
> >work ;-)
> Very patriotic -- in a Big Daddy Capitalistic sense -- for you to think so,
> Libby.  But there's another possible, perhaps far more likely, explanation
> for a possible decrease in the visibly homeless  --- the budding prison
> industry.
> Did you know that the prison population of this great land of free
> Capitalism has risen from 495,000 in 1981 to over 1.7 million today.  Sure,
> this creates a wonderful new business climate for private prisons, the
> fastest growing industry in the country.  Creates jobs for the prison
> construction industry, prison guards, cops, judges, lawyers, clerks, etc.,
> the more of these jobs created, the more slave labor is available in the
> form of prisoners.
> No offense, Libby, perhaps Capitalism is the greatest religion.  Just the
> same, I know that more homeless people are being arrested for "crimes" like
> sleeping on public space, urinating in alleys, panhandling and disorderly
> conduct.  Maybe it is that factor, rather than a kinder, gentler, more
> prosperous capitalistic state, which accounts for the disappearing street
> people.
> Thomas