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Freedom House was started by a group of concerned citizens and advocates
from the Richmond [Virginia, USA] area in February, 1983 to address the
needs of the most vulnerable in our city. In 1985, Freedom House was
incorporated as a Virginia non-stock corporation and was granted tax exempt
status as a 501(c)(3) corporation by the Internal Revenue Service.

The roots of Freedom House grew out of a diverse soil. The original design
of the organization was very similar to the Catholic Worker Model with
volunteer staff living on site and in community with each other as well as
the homeless and poor. The first Program was a small evening meal which
served around seventy-five individuals a night.

Today, Freedom House has grown into a leader of homeless services and
advocacy in the Richmond area. Volunteer involvement is significant through
the participation of hundreds of local individuals, churches, businesses,
and civic groups. Freedom House has consistently attempted to address gaps
in services through the development of internal programs or by active
participation in the development of other community programs that met the
needs of the Richmond homeless. Our three major programs provide a large
proportion of the emergency and transitional services in the downtown area.

Freedom House is an active member of local, state, and national coalitions
and advocacy groups. Freedom House participates in collaborative fashion
with service providers, local government, and other advocates in an effort
to define and implement new strategies that strengthen and assist in the
integration of the Richmond homeless service system.

Drop us a Line!

       P.O. Box 12144, Richmond, Va. 23241
       Voice: 804-649-9791
       FAX: 804-649-1834
Joel Ford, Director: fh_hope@ascn.org


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