Tom Boland (
Sun, 24 May 1998 11:19:49 -0700 (PDT)

Liberty, thanks for your very useful feedback.  You keep me thinking.

While some information is worth forwarding, too many articles from
elsewhere can thwart HPN members' person-to-person dialog on solutions.
But then, who is to say what is "too much" forwarding?  I'd rather that be
the autonomous decision of each member, not a limit enforced by me.  What
we may not like find interesting, we can always delete.

For the sake of free exchange of ideas, I'm wary of setting limits on
content.  I especially want no limits on political and policy debate.  Why?
I think we need to consider and test new and unpopular ideas.  If we are to
ever reduce or end poverty and homelessness, we need to think outside
standard policy frames.

Hints, tips and voluntary guidelines will - I hope - reduce the kinds of
posts which discomfort some readers.  But no post, or rules about posting,
will please everyone on such a diverse list as ours, I'd venture.

Anarchists and libertarians share some common sensibilities, such as
mistrust of government.  Is dialog and collaborative action possible
between the two groups, or am I dreaming?  (Ok, I'm dreaming.)

People of many persuasions on HPN see the problem of service providers
pocketing pay with no measuarable improvement of their clients' lots.  Plus
psychiatric labeling and involuntary mental health "treatment" are seen as
huge problems by some HPN folks with seemingly opposing ideologies.

Couldn't anarchists and libertarians at least join in opposing involuntary
psychiatric intervention and social programs that do little to end

Just thinking!--Tom Boland <>

>At 06:11 AM 22/05/1998 -0700, Tom Boland wrote:
>>One question I'd like to ask is how we can all make our sites more useful.
>>For instance, I ask you all:
>>1) On HPN, what kind of posts do folks personally find most useful?
>Personal experiences, discussion, experience.
>>2) What do you want to see more of on HPN?
>More open discussion about personal experience, history.  I would
>also like to see more solution-focused discussion, and work that is
>going on that will directly impact in a positive way on people,
>i.e. help more people help themselves, get off the streets.
>>3) What might you want to see less of here?
>Less of the radical, anarchist items.  None of these actions have
>ever done anything to resolve homelessness, just divide the community,
>making it look like it is okay to break the law.
>>4) What part of our content is best to highlight on our Web Pages?
>Solution-focused activities, pictures, bios, editorial pieces.
>>5) Which HPN content do you post on your site or send to others, and why?
>I purposely do not have a web site, sorry <g>.
>>6) Have you ever taken action on policy, assisted by HPN's content or
>I have sometimes kept others informed about policy announcements posted here.
>>If you wish to answer in relation to other sites that address homeless,
>>please do that as well.  Seeking peaceful means to homeless people's
>>aims.--Tom Boland
>Liberty (Lillian)

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