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Sun, 24 May 1998 14:10:11 -0400

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>Interesting, how these guides call themselves "opportunities", when they
>represent just one more way to get one trapped on the social safety net.
>What about a guide for people that want to become financially

I'm sure that is in fact the desire of the overwhelming majority of people
but unfortunately existing social policies deliberately place
insurmountable roadblocks in the path of this objective, then compounds
this crime by denying even minimul support to the victims, and even by
persecuting them for this situation which they didn't create and is beyond
their control. Unfortunately for the greedmongers, peoples' right to stay
alive must supercede business' 'right' to continue 'raking it in' in the
totally blythe, irresponsible manner that they are. Social activists are
trying to compensate in a small way through efforts such as this survival
guide but this is only a band-aid - the whole system is ass-rotten and a
whole new vision must be pursued if we are to survive.

Earlier this year, when Wal-Mart in Mississauga (Ontario) advertised 170
entry-level jobs, nearly six thousand people showed up on the first day to
apply. A couple of years back when GM's van plant in Oshawa, Ontario
announced they would be accepting applications more than 20,000 people
showed up to fill out an application which wasn't going to result in
immediate employment, but just *might* result in it at some point in the
(distant) future. Some people stood for up to two days in the rain to seek
a chance to apply, with only a slim chance of actually gaining employment
as a result. So please spare us the rhetoric about people not desiring
self-sufficiency since you are insulting our intelligence by spreading it.
In any event, people have the incontrovertible right to ensure their own
survival whether or not they have achieved the capitalist version of
APA - No Way!! Toronto, June 3, 1998