Re: Do You Sense HOMELESS WEB PAGES are actually helping!

Theodore Latham (
Sat, 23 May 1998 17:57:00 PDT

Blessing and Peace to you as well Mike :)


Tedrico Latham

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Mike Davidson <davidson@U.Arizona.EDU> wrote:

>On Fri, 22 May 1998, Theodore Latham wrote (in part):
>>      About me ... I am 27 and formerly homeless for a time period of 
>> about 4 1/2 years, across 14 states from coast to coast and from the 
>> great lakes to the gulf! I am a former substance abuser and lack 28 
>> hours from obtaining a B.S. in Applied Computer Science! I've been 
>> the streets since I returned home from a life of addiction & 
>> homelessness in San Francisco, back in Jul '97! I've been clean since 
>> Jul 28th 1997! I self taught myself web page design & promotion 
>> online tutorials! HTML & JAVA aren't really much different from any 
>> the other computer languages I've learned since 1985!
>> (medium snip)
>>     In response to your question about do I sense homeless Web pages 
>> actually helping, the answer is YES! If no one elses homelessness 
>> is doing any good for the homeless people, Tedrico's Page most 
>> is, as evidenced by the immense daily & nightly feedback I get from 
>> homeless, formerly homeless, and marginally homed persons, social 
>> workers, case workers, shelter staff members, soup kitchen servers, 
>> suicidal runaways, etc.  
>	That's totally fascinating!  Further, twenty-eight hours away from
>a degree is fantastic.  In my own case, part of the material cited 
>is autobiographical.  After a period of time in and out of the shelter
>system, decided that returning to school was one of the more obvious
>choices.  Substance abuse was never really a problem with me.  I think 
>national preoccupation with materialism and the tour in Vietnam
>(67-68) led to my giving up on the so-called "American Dream," which 
>become too expensive for many of us.  I also don't like what greed
>tends to do to families.
>	Blessings and peace, my brother.  Stay in touch.  Take care.
>Mike Davidson
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