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Sat, 23 May 1998 03:05:07 -0400

At 11:42 PM 22/05/1998 -0700, Tom Boland wrote:

>"Toronto is the most multicultural city in North America, yet has seen a
>brutal wave of killings of people of colour at the hands of Metro Police.

There is no evidence of an INCREASE in this area.  I live near Toronto,
and work in Toronto on a somewhat regular basis.

>Canada is home to the second-largest community of Nazi war criminals in the
>world, and Toronto has a disproportionate share of boneheads and fascist
>propagandists. The province of Ontario has been rated the third most

Yeah, and it's all Mike Harris' fault.  Sure, sure.

>As the number of desperate and homeless increase, right wing provincial
>premier Mike Harris has been stripping the city of its social services and
>local democracy, shutting down hospitals, reducing welfare payments,
>eliminating the right to strike, giving police powers to avoid assessment,
>avoiding responsibility for the killing of Stoney Point Native activist 
>Dudley George, amalgamating Toronto into a 'MegaCity' in order to reduce
>political accountability, and privatizing everything including the water. 

Yeah, all we need to do is bring the NDP back, and yeah, all of this stuff
will go away, like magic.  Sure, sure.

>Campus occupations have taken place across the province by student
activists >frustrated with increasingly inaccessible tuition fees. And
Ontario Federation >of Labour sits poised for possibility of a
province-wide general strike.

Yeah, a province-wide strike.  After recent displays of the ever shrinking
protest against Mr. Harris, I am sure a province-wide strike will go over
real well, yeah, sure.

>Next summer will be ripe for creative, fun, culturally diverse, queer

What does being gay have to do with it?

>Native-solidarity, pro-feminist, youth-friendly,
political-prisoner->supportive, labour-aligned, anti-poverty,
ecologically-minded gathering of >anarchist and revolutionary activists in
August '98 to take action against >neoconservatism, neoliberalism, and all
other forms of oppression in Toronto, 

And, what will become of this?  Toronto will suddenly become the socialist
utopia these people always expected it to be, come on, we just had five
years of Bob Rae and his socialists, and voters voted them out in droves,
what makes them think this happy band of reverse bigots will be any different?

Libby, being sarcastic, as usual