CA businessman invests in homeless FWD

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Fri, 22 May 1998 23:43:43 -0700 (PDT)
The Daily Independent - Huntington Beach, Fontain Valley & Sunset Beach, CA

  By Heidi Lyons - Thursday, May 21, 1998

     Don Modglin wanted to help the homeless help themselves -- not just
give them a handout, but a hand up.
     He had big plans for the one-story office building at 3711 Lorge
Circle in Huntington Beach. He was going to turn it into a two-story
facility to provide transitional housing, counseling and job training for
about 34 families.
     Modglin wanted to provide a safety net that would catch families
before they reached the depths of despair and provide them with a stable
environment that restored their sense of dignity as they weaned themselves
off government assistance programs, gained employment, saved money and
settled into homes of their own.
     "Homelessness is not the government's problem or the politician's
problem. It is the community's problem," Modglin said.


      Modglin, 62, a Fountain Valley resident and former banker, now
operates the Modglin Family Foundation at 10760 Warner Ave. in Fountain
Valley. He has combined the foundation with a company called PHC, which is
trying to market a synthetic engine oil, SynthaShield, used in governmental
and industrial machinery since 1969.
     The homeless project on Lorge Circle didn't work out -- the landlord
of the property objected.

     "He told us he would be happy to have the shelter built as long as we
put it someplace else," Modglin said.
     Rather than get caught up in a long court battle, Modglin used the
Lorge Circle building to run a food bank for five years.
     He still wants to help people find homes of their own and has been
looking at previously foreclosed homes as a possible means of attaining
that end. These homes are offered by the federal Housing and Urban
Development department at a discount and are usually purchased by anyone
who offers the highest bid.
     Modglin said the bids have almost hit market price in Orange County.
But he said he's not ruling out Riverside or San Bernardino counties, even
though he prefers his home county of 30-plus years.
     "If I have to go out of the county to do what I have to do, I'll do
it," Modglin said. "But, I'd rather stay here."


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