Temporary Goodby

Flower Child (nternet@c2i2.com)
Sat, 23 May 1998 18:39:56 -0700

This is a temporary goodbye from Andrea and Charles Wilson.  We're tearing
ourselves away from the 2 newsgroups we subscr_be to in order to take care
of our thirsty garden & work on our old camper.  Then we're going to visit
Charles' family & go to the annual Rainbow gathering here in Arizona (if
interested, see Rainbow website www.welcomehome.org/rainbow.html ).  The
focus of Rainbow gatherings is world peace, healing, and the belief that
we're all one family.  We'll be back online later in the summer.  Our
e-dress is nternet@c2i2.com if anyone wants to e-mail us.

We continue to be excited about the work that many of you are doing, and
anticipate the growing effectiveness of HPN.  Due to the specific activist
information that many have posted to HPN, we're more conscious ourselves of
the problems and what needs to be done, & who the players are worldwide,
both positive and negative. The strong actions that many of you are taking
has given us information to pass on to others offline in casual
conversations, which hopefully spreads the message that everyone must act to
end homelessness and discrimination.

Best wishes to all of you from Andrea & Charles Wilson