HPN USER SURVEY (was Do You Sense HOMELESS WEB PAGES are actually

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Fri, 22 May 1998 06:11:39 -0700 (PDT)

Tedrico, thanks for reflecting on Mike Davidson's question -- whether
"homeless Web pages are actually helping" folks who are homeless or who
have been there.

Us homeless folks on the web are breaking new ground, and most of our
impact will come later, as others join in to collaborate with us.  Let's
not give up on our infant experiments and collaboration, even if some feel
discouraged by what they've seen the Internet do for homeless people thus

There's some amazing content being developed by homeless and ex-homeless
people on the Net in the last year.  Some is focused on accessing services,
some on building personal contacts, some on breaking news, some on policy.

We list and web site servers are carrying and cross-fertilizing some of
each other's content.  This helps to spread the word about our loose knit
and intermingling network of sites.  In short, more and more people are
joining us for on-line discussion and off-line action to end homelessness
and secure some power over how we choose to live.

One question I'd like to ask is how we can all make our sites more useful.
For instance, I ask you all:

1) On HPN, what kind of posts do folks personally find most useful?
2) What do you want to see more of on HPN?
3) What might you want to see less of here?
4) What part of our content is best to highlight on our Web Pages?
5) Which HPN content do you post on your site or send to others, and why?
6) Have you ever taken action on policy, assisted by HPN's content or members?

If you wish to answer in relation to other sites that address homeless,
please do that as well.  Seeking peaceful means to homeless people's
aims.--Tom Boland

>>.....tell me....whether you sense homeless Web pages are actually helping.
>>Or are we merely preaching to the converted?
>>Mike Davidson <davidson@u.arizona.edu>

>    In response to your question about do I sense homeless Web pages are
>actually helping, the answer is YES! If no one elses homelessness site
>is doing any good for the homeless people, Tedrico's Page most certainly
>is, as evidenced by the immense daily & nightly feedback I get from
>homeless, formerly homeless, and marginally homed persons, social
>workers, case workers, shelter staff members, soup kitchen servers,
>suicidal runaways, etc. That's one of the reasons why, unlike a majority
>of web sites on the internet, Tedrico's Page does not have a guestbook!
>I don't want greedy people, copying and pasting these real life, hard
>core stories I receive each day, into their anti-homeless advocacy word
>processing document and trying to make a buck off of these people
>through il-intention publishing and selling it to the media! Are we
>preaching to the converted? Not preaching, but actually teaching because
>it's amazing how many homeless people their are in metropolitan areas
>that have no idea of the vast majority of resources available to them,
>right under their nose! I was always resourceful during my homeless
>stretch and immediately took full advantage of all resources offered,
>but what about those who can't read, never finished high school, can't
>speak english, or lack survival and people skills! Those are the people
>Tedrico's Page is gradually building up to meet their needs. Thank you
>for the link and continue to due your part online .... on behalf of the
>homeless :) - Tedrico Latham http://members.xoom.com/tedrico/?homeless

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