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Theodore Latham (
Fri, 22 May 1998 03:06:24 PDT


     Sorry, I missed this opportunity! Due to the devotion of my time 
this week to a client web site I'm developing, I was unable to check my 
email at all yesterday, hence I'm 6 hours late on responding to this 
before your deadline! Actuall 3 hours late by your time in Seattle! Just 
in case, your deadline may have been bumped up, here is my response:

I was never able to make my stamps stretch pass a couple of hours 
because I was a substance abuser and that was the only reason I applied 
for them ... so I can get a little bit higher on those days that they 
were issued out! However, if I wasn't an addict and were to use them for 
food while living in a shelter I'd buy mostly, non-perishable foods like 
canned goods, boxed cereal and pint size cartons of milk, and a lot of 
junk food, only if I were in states that did not allow the purchasing of 
hot foods with stamps like Texas, North Carolina, and Mississippi! But 
if I were in states like California, Arizona, or Georgia which allowed 
the purchasing of hot grocery store deli platters, then I'd buy a lot of 
those and eat less in the soup kitchen lines! As far as strectching the 
stamps a full month, I doubt that would be possible in any state, 
especially if you were a non-single recipient and had other mouths to 
feed! They just don't give out enough for a person to buy 3 square meals 
a day on! Hope this has helped in some way .... NUFF SAID!


Tedrico Latham

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Anitra Freeman <> wrote:

>Has anyone here been on foodstamps, and do you have any tips on getting
>foodstamps and on using them most effectively?  What I'm looking for
>especially are wedges between the rock of being on the street or in
>shelters and unable to cook or to carry bulky items around with you, 
>the hard place of not being able to buy hot food or to make a month's
>allotment of stamps stretch past a week if you buy all single-serving
>prepared stuff.
>Deadline is midnight tomorrow, so if you don't get this message right 
away you can
>still toss in your ideas.
>Write On!
>-- Anitra
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