HOMES for the HOMELESS, Little Houses

Flower Child (
Fri, 22 May 1998 16:08:04 -0700

Dear Homeless Peoples Network and AGR,

In the end, it's going to take HOMES to solve the HOMELESS problem !!

Little homes, microhouses, individually and in microvillages with shared
communal facilities.  Also well-organized vehicle villages.  Every
population area needs to develop this housing somewhere, proportionately, as
their part of the solution.  It could be figured out mathematically how much
housing each population grouping needs to develop.

Also, computers should be used to intercept all the resources going through
the dumpsters to the landfill, and make those resources available with a
phone call to inquirers.  Used household and farm items, business waste, and
other resources.  For sale, for exchange or for free.  People call the
numbers they're given and negotiate with listers.  After all, it would only
take ONE COMPUTER in the corner of a typical county office to allow the
people in that county to call to list or search for these resources.  Use
InfoSelect for DOS if you have no other database software.

These actions will all PAY, not cost.  Look at what the cost is now!  I'm
not going to attach this to any email, because I think it applies in some
way to just about every message that has ever passed through HPN.

Sincerely,  Charles Wilson               (Flower Child from