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Thu, 21 May 1998 15:03:24 -0700 (PDT)

Jennafer sent me some useful tips in response to my query, and gave me
permission to forward this to HPN.  As she said when I asked, "I know that
survival courses are a must, I mean people have to
get classes on surviving in the wilderness, the wilderness of urban life
is one to tackle as well."

Thanks, Jennafer.

>Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 01:23:41 +0000
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>Subject: Re: Assist with Deadline?
>p-38 military style can openers are a must.  They are .40 a piece and
>attach to a keychain and are lighter than a key.
>There was a group that once published a list of recipies which can help
>people cook with finances considered for a food stamp recipient for an
>entire month.  But what storage it is in I don't remember any more.
>For homeless people, I suggest that people DO NOT store their food in
>plastic "T-Bags" grocery bags, which is a common theme in our camps.
>Store them in paper bags and it makes spoilable food last longer.  In
>the plastic bags, food will sweat faster and spoil faster.
>I suggest to everyone that a small investment in a one burner camper's
>stove is the best bet, because you can cook anywhere and be completely
>hidden if you only had one bush to crawl behind and it fits in the
>smallest of backpacks or bags.  Campers equipment is simply a must.  If
>you don't have cookware you can always mount your tin can on the burner.
>Also, health food stores have tons of dehydrated meals, just add water
>that are more nutritious than regular stores carry, and regular stores
>are starting to carry these in their "health food" sections.  Fantastic
>Foods is a great brand.  Lately people have been pretty co-opertative
>around our camps.  One person will bring an item to contribute and
>everyone will cook it all together and share the load of hibachi hiding
>and cookware, and make more food than most people can handle.
>Also, speaking of camping, getting to know the edible plants in your
>area, you can make a salad practically anywhere.  In our town, there are
>tons of edible plants in people's yards and on the sides of
>intersections that are booming right now.  I am thinking of doing a
>survival series.  We used to have maps of where to get avocados from
>trees in people's yards that were simply so bumper crop the owner, once
>asked would gladly give them away to passersby.  After being asked, some
>people even started putting up baskets out in front of their gates,
>labled bumpercrop freebees.  An avocado and a lemon, got me a long way
>back in the day.
>I would love a nation-wide campaign to end the policy of "no-hot food"
>purchases by the USDA Food Stamp program.  It really would help homeless
>people to just go in and purchase a hot meal, with their food stamps.
>Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, For All my Relatives
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