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  "A Grapes of Wrath for today."  Street Spirit, Berkeley

 June Schedule to date.  Please pass the information along.

--June 12, Charlotte NC, Charlotte Film and Video
Festival: Neighborhood Theater, 10pm

--June 15-18  Cambridge,MA  Harvard Film Archive -
              24 Quincy Street,  7pm nightly


Angered by laws that violate the rights of people living on the street,
Ron Taylor ran for a seat on the city council of Santa Monica, California
in 1994. The former truck driver slept for ten-months in the doorway of
an abandoned building after being disabled in an auto accident.  This
inspiring, humorous documentary presents an intimate portrait of Taylor
and his supporters: a group of unforgettable, hardworking people living
in an encampment of cardboard lean-tos.  They survive by "canning" --
gathering and selling recyclable goods-- and by finding a sense of joy
and belonging together.


"Excellent documentary...cuts right to the heart of the plight of the
homeless.  Cohen clearly realizes the complexity of the issue he's
tackling, shows us how easily many of us could end up on the streets
ourselves and leaves us aware of a terrible vacuum in creative, morally
imaginative leadership in our self-absorbed society."
                Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"A thoughtful, rounded look at a subject that won't go away, no matter
how hard we try to ignore it."
                      Renee Downing, The Arizona Daily Star

"Amazing and poignant. Provokes laughter, tears and much needed
 -Christine Schanes, Children Helping Poor and Homeless People

"Taylor's Campaign does an excellent job at portraying the nature of
community among homeless people living on the street, and how vital these
social ties are when people are faced with such extreme adverse
            Jennifer Wolch, co-author Malign Neglect
            Prof. Geography, University of Southern California

"I found it extremely compelling and believe it would be a wonderful
resource for undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers
interested in the politics of homelessness.  This film illustrates
several dimensions of homelessness in contemporary U.S. cities; it
documents the everyday lives and routines of homeless persons,
it>illustrates the interaction between homeless persons, businesses, and
social control agents (such as the police), and it provides critique from
various perspectives of the ways that local government responds to the
regional issue of homelessness.  ...I believe the film would be of use to
undergraduate and graduate programs in anthropology, sociology, social
work, urban planning, public policy and urban studies."
                 Lois M. Takahashi, researcher and author
                 Assist. Prof., Urban and Regional Planning
                 University of California, Irvine

"The director brings into focus that from which we might otherwise look
             Nicole Campos, LA Weekly

"I just read the essays that my 18 year olds wrote in response to the
film.  Now, keep in mind, I've exposed them to harsh films, all types of
readings with various p.o.v.s and nothing has touched them like Taylor's
Campaign.  The message got through.  They understood the larger
implications for the first time.  I'm thrilled and delighted, and I'll
pass along my class experiences wherever I can.  I'm so happy we have a
copy in the library, permanently.
             Marilyn Wenker, Professor
             State University College at Cortland, New York

"Not only did I view it, but I plan to show it in both my Social Problems
class and in my graduate class on homelessness this fall.  I liked the
way you wove together the individuals stories with the political
situation, a good way to show the criminalization of homelessness."
              Talmadge Wright, author "Out of Place: Homeless
Mobilizations,Subcities and Contested Landscapes" (SUNY Press)1997,
Professor, Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology, Loyola University Chicago

"Compulsory viewing."  Paul Cullum, New Times (Los Angeles)

Taylor's Campaign: (75 minutes)1997
Narrated by Martin Sheen
Directed and Edited by Richard Cohen
Produced by Amy Ziering Kofman, Richard Cohen
Videography by Gil Kofman, Baird Bryant
Assistant: Marcello Bice
A production of Raindog Films in association with Film Arts Foundation.
Released by Richard Cohen Films.

For more information contact or to help set up a public screening in your
town please contact --
Richard Cohen: (310) 395-3549
921 Eleventh Street, Santa Monica, CA 90403; rbc23@juno.com


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