Assist with Deadline?

Anitra Freeman (
Thu, 21 May 1998 00:09:23 -0700 (PDT)

This is the "lost strayed and stolen" Anitra, as one of my friends I see
irregularly refers to me. :)  I've been sick a lot this last month, active
about two hours a day, and those two hours got spent elsewhere (like on the
Real Change website).  But I'm ba-a-a-ck! :)

I'm feeling a lot better.  I was up for five hours yesterday and I'm going
on eleven hours today.

However, I am committed to doing three stories for this month's Real
Change, they are due by midnight tomorrow because we are publishing early
this month (we're selling the papers too fast!  wheeee!), and they AREN'T
DONE YET.   And if I stay up much longer tonight I'm going to get sick

The one I'm really having trouble with is a foodstamp article.  The idea is
to write 400-500 words on getting foodstamps and using them most

Has anyone here been on foodstamps, and do you have any tips on getting
foodstamps and on using them most effectively?  What I'm looking for
especially are wedges between the rock of being on the street or in
shelters and unable to cook or to carry bulky items around with you, and
the hard place of not being able to buy hot food or to make a month's
allotment of stamps stretch past a week if you buy all single-serving
prepared stuff.

I'll credit you by name, alias, or however you choose.  Deadline is
midnight tomorrow, so if you don't get this message right away you can
still toss in your ideas.   They'll all get used eventually, one way or
another (I'm currently on food stamps.)

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