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                      APRIL 30, 1998

The following are updates and action suggestions from the
Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) for the
coming week.  These messages focus on selected
legislation which Congress is considering now, and
suggest some points that you may wish to make in your
communications with Congress.  These messages are
intended as a supplement to other FCNL materials and do
not reflect FCNL's complete policy position on any issue,
nor do they include all pertinent facts on any topic.
This update was prepared and uploaded at 4:00 pm on
Thursday, April 30.


BUDGET PRIORITIES: The House has yet to mark-up its
budget resolution for FY99.  The budget resolution sets
the revenue and spending limits for the fiscal year, sets
spending ceilings for each of the appropriations sub-
committees, and instructs the tax-writing and entitlement
spending committees as to how much they should increase
or decrease existing taxes and entitlements to meet the
budget goals.  Rep. Kasich (OH), chair of the Budget
Committee, is reported to have drafted a plan that would
cut domestic discretionary spending and taxes by $100
billion, but would leave military spending untouched.
The President's plan, on the other hand, proposes
important but modest increases in investment in public
schools and teachers for the poorest school districts,
child care for low-income families and communities,
rental assistance for low income families who cannot find
affordable housing, food stamps for documented
immigrants, and development assistance for some of the
poorest countries abroad.

ACTION: Please contact your representative.  Share your
concern that, with so many unmet human needs in the
country and world today, this is not the time to be
cutting taxes or reducing spending on programs that serve
vital human needs.  Instead, the U.S. should increase
investment in education, child care, housing, food
stamps, and international development.  Including in your
letter a description of an outstanding unmet human need
that you have witnessed in your community (e.g. the lack
of affordable, quality child care, homelessness, longer
lines at the local food pantry, or schools with crowded
classrooms and leaking roofs) can make your letter more


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