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Tue, 19 May 1998 17:05:53 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: First SFFNB Castro serving
*** Two reports from participants follow ***

Sent Sunday 17 May by Deke Nihilson <>

Yesterday we did the first SFFNB Castro serving, and it rocked! The 411:

We served from 4 - 7 p.m., catching the neighborhood largely by

We fed a few dozen people in the course of the afternoon, and had
visible presence from FNB, ACTUP-SF and the IWW, as well as inspired
passers-by. There were one to three dozen people hanging around on the
corner of 18th and Castro with us at any given time. We served under the
Food Not Bosses/One Big Onion banner, and a comrade from ACTUP-SF even
brought along a red flag to add to the festivities (i.e. we served under
it too). All colors, same struggle!

We handed out about 300 flyers (we ran out twice) (the Create Change- By
Handing It Out ones) with fnb, iww and actup-sf's phone numbers on it.
While many sat. shoppers were cold to our presence and entreatment for
tolerance in the gay ghetto, many were visibly heartened and excited
that someone was finally doing something against the new social regime.
They were ready to Spare Some (Social) Change!

The only thing resembling an incident with the police was quickly
scuttled by righteous but not-crazy response on the part of several
volunteers, as well as our *two* videographers and some fortuitous
circumstantial intervention (i.e. a fender-bender in the intersection put
the heat to work doing something real). The cops Got A Job for a change!

Overall, it seemed to this participant that our initial effort was an
overwhelming success. I for one look forward to a repeat next week at 4
p.m., probably at 18th and Castro, else at Harvey Milk Plaza or at 16th
and Market (by the Life hole-in-the-ground). A couple of things:
	The castro ruling class may be a bit more prepared next week. if
you have any interest at all, please come on by to share free food in
opposition to the criminalization of poverty with us! bring a warm heart
and a cool head. Our strength lies in numbers!
	It would be nice to see more radical social-justice groups take
this high-profile opportunity to get their word out too. Bring your lit
and come Create some (Social) Change- By Handing It Out!! and by all
means, recruit! recruit! OK.
	To get involved in the serving itself, contact me by replying to
this (but not all recipients, please spare other busy people the details)
and/or FNB at (650) 985-7087.

Yours for a More Tolerant World
(i.e. one without bosses in it!)
Deke Frontino Nihilson <>
x341697, Food Not Bosses!

PS- Are you ready for the scab ships from down under? Check it out at:
Food Not Scabs!!

	"There is no sovereign music for our desire." --Rimbaud
	Abolish the wage/rent/prison system! []


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news:alt.politics.socialism.trotsky .

- David

  [ Part 2: "Included Message" ]

Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 09:53:20 -0700
From: David Stevens <>
Subject: Food Not Bombs in the Castro

Food Not Bombs returned to the Castro yesterday (Saturday
16 May) offering delicious vegan food at 18th and Castro
Streets, in front of the Bank of America.

 Local merchants in the Castro District are engaging
in a mean-spirited campaign against the homeless, in
the guise of asking people to "volunteer to make a
change, instead of giving change as a handout."

 ACT-UP/San Francisco has called for a boycott of
the merchant leading this assault on the poor and
disenfranchised, the "Hot Cookie" store on Castro
by 17th Street (near Market).

 Food Not Bombs, in a leaflet endorsed by ACT-UP/SF
and the IWW in support of Saturday's action, says:
"Please discourage scapegoating the poor for the
effects of corporate greed, and habitual criminalization
of poverty as an answer to social injustice."

 Yesterday's feed was well-received by much of the
community.  There was minor harrassment by one (of
the three) responding police officers who apparently
never heard anybody on Castro Street say "Fuck" before.
There were no arrests for illegal distribution of
bananas or bagels without a permit.  (Also, the soup
was good).

 Food Not Bombs promises to return to the Castro,
every Saturday at 4:00 pm.

 If you want to make a real difference -- "do you have
any spare social change?" -- the endorsers of this feed
advocate: "We should do what we can to help each other
out in these lean-mean, brutal times."

Food Not Bombs (650) 985-7087
ACT-UP/SF      (415) 522-2907
IWW (Wobblies) (415) 863-WOBS

 And, whatever you do: don't give your money to any
enraged petty-bourgeois, like that Hot Cookie guy;
it only encourages them.

- David Stevens

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