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The Economic Human Rights Campaign '98 is a national effort to highlight the
economic human rights abuses caused by welfare reform and poverty in the
United States. The Campaign is led by the National Welfare Rights Union, an
organization of poor and homeless women, men, and children from all races
struggling both to survive and to end poverty. The Campaign is spearheaded by
the Kensington Welfare Rights Union. (Kensington, located in North
Philadelphia, is the poorest area in the state of Pennsylvania, USA.)

The new freedom bus - freedom from unemployment, hunger and homelessness -
will travel around the country visiting economic human rights tribunals where
documentation of these economic human rights abuses will be collected and the
efforts of poor communities to survive and fight back will be spotlighted. The
bus will take all of this documentation to the United Nations for an
international economic human rights tribunal on July 1st, where a formal case
against the United States will be initiated.

The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), signed in
1948 by many countries - including the United States - guarantees the basic
human rights of every man, woman and child. The Economic Human Rights Campaign
'98 focuses on articles 23, 25 and 26. These articles guarantee the right to -
a job with safe conditions of work and a living wage, join and form a trade
union, housing, food, healthcare, childcare and education. As a result of
recent federal and state welfare reform in particular, and global economic and
political pressures in general, welfare recipients, homeless families,
temporary and under-employed workers, immigrants, down-sized families,
students, and injured workers are just some of the many in this country who
are experiencing economic human rights violations.

The New Freedom Bus - Freedom from Unemployment, Hunger and Homelessness:

Philadelphia, PA - June 1 Send-off Rally
Boston, MA - June 1
Springfield, MA - June 2
Albany, NY - June 3
Rochester, NY - June 3
Lorain, OH - June 4
Cleveland, OH - June 4
Pittsburgh, PA - June 5
Welch, WV - June 6
Durham, NC - June 7
Knoxville, TN - June 8
Highlander Center- New Market, TN - June 9
Atlanta, GA - June 9
Macon, GA - June 10
Dublin, GA - June 10
Waycross, GA - June 10
Columbia, MS - June 11
Jackson, MS - June 11
Little Rock, AK - June 12
Louisville, KY - June 13
Detroit, MI - June 15
Ann Arbor, MI - June 15
Chicago, IL - June 16
Milwaukee, WI - June 17
Minneapolis, MN - June 18
Denver, CO - June 19
San Francisco, CA - June 21
Los Angeles, CA - June 23
El Paso, TX - June 25
Houston, TX - June 27
Washington, DC - June 29
Philadelphia, PA - June 29
Elizabeth, NJ - June 30
Fort Lee, NJ - June 30 Encampment in NJ, March to the United Nations
New York, NY - July 1 International Tribunal at the United Nations
   9am March over George Washington Bridge
   12noon Rally in New York City Against Workfare
   4:30-6:30pm International Tribunal at United Nations

Please join us!

For more information on any of our stops, to get involved or make a financial
contribution to the trip, please email us at or call us
at 215/203-1945.

Visit the Economic Human Rights Campaign Webpage at:


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