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        Greetings, sisters and brothers.  Below is a very important update
regarding what is happening with the case of the people who were arrested at
the National Day of Mourning in Plymouth, Mass. on November 27, 1997.

1.      LEGAL AND ACTION UPDATE:        We went to the Wareham
(Massachusetts) District
Court on Friday morning, May 1.  It was a beautiful and sunny morning.  The
area by the courthouse is pretty, with a number of trees.  We saw a hawk
flying overhead as we pulled into the parking lot at the court.  A number of
supporters again came to the court to let it be known that we were not
alone.  We were buoyed by their continuous presence and cheered by the sight
of their faces.  Many of us embraced.
        The picture inside the court was not so pretty.  We were before an
assignment judge, whose task it is to hear pretrial motions and to assign us
a trial date.
        The prosecutor had a motion with him demanding that we be separated
into 5
different groups of defendants and have five separate trials.  He said he
had not had a chance to get a copy of this motion to any of our five
lawyers.  The judge, however, seemed to be quite familiar with it.  In fact,
she let it be known that she had already decided that the defendants should
be separated from each other.
        The prosecutor's ostensible reason for attempting to group us into
trials was that a jury "would face an insurmountable task" and "inevitable
confusion" in trying to distinguish among the defendants.  In other words,
the prosecutor was saying that he thinks juries are stupid.
        The judge's intransigence was met with disbelief and murmurs of
"No!" from
the defendants and from our supporters.  Our lawyers insisted that she had
to give them time to prepare a motion and to argue why we should not be
separated.  They argued that there was not a reason in the world why we
could not have a joint trial.  In fact, it made more sense and would cost
much less money to try us together.
        Finally, the judge was forced to back down temporarily, and agreed that
motions and oral arguments would be heard on June 11 at 11 a.m.
        Although our attendance is not compulsory, we WILL be in court that
In fact, we are asking our supporters to do everything possible to come to
Wareham that day and to show that they stand with us.  We will not let the
court system just go ahead and hand down decisions without anyone there and
without a whimper of protest.  We will show the judge and anyone else who is
there with one voice that we do not want to be separated.
        The state and the prosecutor know perfectly well that it will put
us at a
terrible disadvantage if they sever our cases and make us go through several
trials.  Our legal team could not possibly cover all of those trials.  Many
of the defendants would be forced to take court-appointed lawyers who are
not even remotely interested in Day of Mourning or the merits of our case.
Our witnesses could not possibly keep coming to court for so many cases.
These witnesses are more than willing to take a day or two off from work or
school in order to tell the truth in a court.  But no one would be able to
take off 5 or 10 or more days to do so.  According to our lawyers, we could
not even testify for each other at each other's trials because of pending
criminal charges.  It would of course be harder for our supporters to come
to all of these separate trials.
        This is a continued political attack on the part of the state, which is
clearly trying to divide us and try to weaken us.
        We will not allow our message or our struggle to be diluted.  We were
arrested together.  If the state continues to insist on going forward with
this absurd prosecution, then we want to be tried together.
        We are asking that our supporters in the region come stand with us on
Thursday, June 11 at Wareham District Court.  At this point, we are planning
to meet outside the courthouse at 10:30 a.m.  We will send further
information at a later date.  [Directions to Wareham District Court can be
found at our website.]

2.      WE STILL NEED LETTERS:  We are continuing to ask that supporters gather
letters of support from organizations and individuals.  Please address them
"To Whom It May Concern" and forward them to UAINE so that we can then show
them to the "authorities" at a later date.  Or you can address them to
Michael J. Sullivan, Plymouth County District Attorney, 32 Belmont Street,
P.O. Box 1665, Brockton, MA 02403 (but please make sure to send us a copy!).
        We are VERY happy to announce that the former Attorney General of the
United States, Ramsey Clark, recently sent us a letter indicating his
support for our case and our struggle!  We are also beginning to get letters
of support from labor organizations, including Joseph Faherty of the
Massachusetts AFL-CIO!  We have received letters and petitions not only from
all across North America, but also from France, Belgium, England, and other
countries.  As soon as we get a chance, we will post a listing of
organizational and other supporters at our website.
        The petitions and letters and e-mails and telephone calls are all
to pay off.  Politicians, officials from the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce,
and others are now publicly saying they are worried that their tourism
industry is suffering from the negative publicity surrounding their assault
on us last "thanksgiving."  (Gee, guys, maybe you should have thought of
that BEFORE you sent the cops to attack us!)  More details on this in a
later posting.

3.      REMEMBER THE PRISONERS!         As we enjoy this beautiful spring,
please do not
forget the prisoners, such as Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal and so
many others, who do not even have the opportunity to breathe the sweet air
and who live walled in a concrete world.  Just a few days ago, Leonard was
once again denied any kind of parole possibility.  Please visit our website
at for links to homepages for Leonard and Mumia so
that you can find out more information about their cases and find out what
you can do to help.  We are calling upon all who read these words to make or
renew a vow to fight for freedom for Leonard and all political prisoners.
Leonard has said many times, "The courts will not free me.  Only the
people's struggle will free me."

We are not vanishing.  We are not conquered.  We are as strong as ever.
United American Indians of New England
P.O. Box 7501
Quincy, MA  02269
Visit our website at:

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