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Subject: Question from a former resident

[Mayor Susan Golding:]

I use to live in San Diego, and my father served his country in the
Navy. He was often stationed out of bases in San Diego. However, this
was during the Vietnam War and the Korean War. Now that these conflicts
are over, and the cold war is over, many of these bases have closed. I
can not think of a better use for these facilities than to house the
homeless, and indeed, this idea was legislated. Why then, has this not
happened? In addition, why have you arrested activists exercising their
free speech at Camp Nimitz, in a free country, on the former grounds of
a military base that was dedicated to protecting freedom? I strongly
suggest these prosecutions be given up in the interest of freedom and
democracy, and Camp Nimitz be used to solve some small part of society's
ills. Ills, created by the way, by lack of funding due to an enormous
military budget.

Thank you.

Nathan Solinsky
Kent, OH

Student Coalition Kent State

Amnesty International Kent State

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>For Info Contact: Shawnie Meade at the Street Light office: (619)
>338-9081, 935 E Street, San Diego CA 92101, or Forrest Curo at (619)
>Or visit Street Light newspaper office, open 9:30AM to 4PM from Monday
>through Saturday.  Street Light paper has been publishing monthly for over
>a year and covering local protests in vivid detail.
>Shortly after midnight tonight, eleven activists walked into the grounds of
>Camp Nimitz, a deactivated military base, to claim the land for the use of
>San Diego's estimated 2,500 unsheltered homeless people. Six remained to be
>arrested and were charged with trespassing.
>Under the 1988 McKinney Act, housing homeless people was to be the first
>priority use for deactivated military bases. In 1994, Mayor Susan Golding
>sent a lobbyist to Washington to subvert the plain intent of the law, so
>that it was revised to allow for free use by local redevelopment agencies,
>so long as "representatives of the homeless" were consulted and plans made
>to house the homeless population elsewhere. Four years later, the City is
>using the base for police and fire training, and over a hundred homeless
>people are camping together in public places to protest San Diego's callous
>neglect of homeless housing needs.
>The consensus of the group is that we could not continue to accept this
>blatant misuse of the law to further enrich the powerful at the expense of
>the poorest of us, that this was an injustice that had been crying for
>rectification for too many years already. After attempting to hold a small
>rally in the Naval Training Center, and finding the gate (normally open to
>the public) locked, the group deployed signs along Harbor Blvd for the
>passing traffic until nightfall. Finding no access to any of the numerous
>barracks visible through the fence, the group decided to march in through
>the gate to claim the entire facility. Bewildered security guards called
>the police, while the activists settled down quietly and waited at a picnic
>table just past the guardhouse. Five have been cited for trespassing and
>released; one remains in custody for an unexpected warrant from the 1996
>Concourse protest.
>For Info Contact: Shawnie Meade at the Street Light office: 338-9081, 935 E
>Street, San Diego CA 92101, or Forrest Curo at 283-5582.
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