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> Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 07:37:09 -0400
> From: Gary Morton <command@interlog.com>
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> Subject: Neighborhood Protection Act
> Bob - can you send this out to people in poverty groups. etc?
> **from Citizens on the Web News
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> A Neighborhood Protection Act is to go to the Harris cabinet
> (government of Ontario) within a
> month. This is a made in America law that would target squeegee kids,
> street prostitutes, crack houses and aggressive panhandlers. This made
> in the USA idea leads to martial law type sweeps. Innocent people are
> harassed and jailed. This type of law and order increased the prison
> population in the States by a multiple of 5. Citizens must act to oppose
> this and especially the idea of the Cabinet making these sorts of police
> state decisions when the demand comes only from American experts and not
> the public.
> ----------------
> Attack on Squeegee Kids a War on Youth Culture and the Poor
> Tuesday, May 12, 1998
>   Tories may join squeegee fight
>                TORONTO SUN
>     Attorney General Charles Harnick and Mayor Mel
>   Lastman may join forces to wipe the streets clean of
>   squeegee kids.
>   Lastman's office wants to crack down on the
>   window-washing panhandlers and Harnick is ready to
>   help.
>   It is something that needs to be controlled, he said at the
>   Legislature yesterday. "I'm not sure we have that means
>   of control, so I'm prepared to listen to the suggestions the
>   municipalities have."
>   Lastman said squeegee kids "intimidate people."
>   His officials are working on measures to tackle the
>   problem, but it's a major challenge.
>   The mayor stressed street kids shouldn't have to scrub
>   windows to stay alive.
>   "We're looking into different things we can do ... like what
>   kind of jobs we can create for them," he said.
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