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Theodore Latham (
Mon, 18 May 1998 11:46:04 PDT


    These people can answer all of your questions! Contact them for more 
information about how to find a Safe Place, start a Safe Place program 
in your community, become a Safe Place volunteer or how you or your 
company can get involved with the program contact:

     The National Safe Place Office
     1410 South First Street
     Louisville, Kentucky 40208
     Phone: 502 635-5233
     Fax: 502 635-1443


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<> (Virginia Sellner) wrote:
>What do you know about setting up a 'safe house' for teenagers that are 
>the street (or any children for that matter)  We have several people 
>think that perhaps that is a project that we should get involved in -- 
>we know little about liabilities, supervision, etc.  How is the best wy 
>Warm weather is back here now, and with it comes a lot of young people 
>cannot stay in the shelter here because they are under 18, so they are 
>out on the street.  They can be in our day center of course but that 
>not help them at night.
>Sometimes these young ones are much younger than they indicate.  
>How does one begin a project of this type?
>Virginia Sellner
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