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Live from ADAPT protest.

Bill Scarborough, - support HR 2020 -'MiCASA'-ADAPT
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Am posting from inside the Governor's Satellite Office
on the 12th floor of the Donnelly J. Hill State Office

About 11:00 am, we took over the office of
Ms Pat Scoggs, Tennessee Governor's Office Regional

ADAPT's demands:

(1) Regarding _Nursing Facility Waivers_ by which
people can choose not to live in a nursing home:
(a,b) Eliminate Tennessee's requirement that the
person be homebound and in need of 24-hour care.
(c) Increase the number of people covered by _Nursing
Facility Waivers_ to 5,000 people.
(d) Make Nursing Facility Waivers available statewide
instead of in only four counties.
(e) Include consumer control options.

(2,3) Requests for support of HR 2020 - MiCASA.

(4) Within 30 days meet with members of ADAPT of
Tennessee to develop home and community based
options to nursing homes and other institutions.

About 100 ADAPT protestors remain here on the
12th floor of the Hill building.  Other ADAPT
protestors closed off the first floor of th
building.  This is after about 50 protestors
voluntarily left the Hill building in return
for food and medicine for the 100 people still

Protestors downstairs negotiated with the
City Mayor of Memphis and the County Mayor
of Shelby County and corresponding police

We have been chanting, 'Free Our People,'
'Hell No, Nursing Homes Have Got to Go,'
"I'd Rather Go To Jail Than Die in a
Nursing Home,' and other chants.

Yesterday, in a rally in Memphis city Park,
ADAPT announced its Ten Worst List and
Five Dishohorable Mention List to states
of the United States ADAPT says are worst
in attendant service to people with disabilities.
Tennessee won the Bottom Prize.

Protestors came from some 30 states of the
United States, and musician Johnny Crescendo
came from the United Kingdom.

Bill Scarborough, - support HR 2020 -'MiCASA'-ADAPT
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