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Subject: Alert: From ADAPT

ADAPT activitist continue to occupy the offices of the Governor of the
State of Tennessee.  State employees have again been told to stay at home
as ADAPT maintains control in sending our message of freedom.

Now is the time when each of you can call for change in your own state
support our National Goals.  Today Go to YOUR governor's office and
your demands that:

1) your governor must endorse MiCasa
2) your governor must insist that ADAPT speak at the National Governor's
Association meeting Aug. 1-4, in Wisconsin.

Now is the time when solidarity is vital.  Act on behalf of our two
million brothers and sisters, old and young, who are locked away in
nursing homes and instititutions.

If you can't physically go to your governor's office, at least fax your
demands to the Governor's office.  TODAY!!

Free Our People!
Diane Coleman, ADAPT

ADAPT's demands to the Governor of Tennessee:

(1) Regarding _Nursing Facility Waivers_ by which
people can choose not to live in a nursing home:
(a,b) Eliminate Tennessee's requirement that the
person be homebound and in need of 24-hour care.
(c) Increase the number of people covered by _Nursing
Facility Waivers_ to 5,000 people.
(d) Make Nursing Facility Waivers available statewide
instead of in only four counties.
(e) Include consumer control options.

(2,3) Requests for support of HR 2020 - MiCASA.

(4) Within 30 days meet with members of ADAPT of
Tennessee to develop home and community based
options to nursing homes and other institutions.

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