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On Wed, 13 May 1998 02:06:54 (EST) Trithlindu 
<techbear@no_spam.serv.net> wrote:

Subject: Why do we treat stray animals better than stray humans?

Every human being has an intrinsic worth as a human being. That is the 
fundamental concept of philosophies as diverse as the pro-life movement, 
the peace movement, and the movement to abolish the death penalty. That 
worth requires that we help people in need. Please note well: I am not 
endorsing a 'free-ride' or government dole for anyone who wants one. I 
am saying that many of the people living on the streets just need the 
opportunity to get back on track; many more need a place because they 
are simply unable to care for themselves. Why do we treat stray animals 
better than we treat stray humans?



On Wed, 13 May 1998 14:02:11 -0700 Andrew Rose <arose@macromedia.com>

The sentiment is valid and I appreciate where the person is coming from. 
The truth is that in many places people KILL stray animals if they are 
not selected (usually based on youth and cuteness) within a small period 
of time.

On Wed, 13 May 1998 16:04:46 -0400 Paula <plebrun@cyberportal.net> 

Stray animals can't improve themselves as man can. It takes man to make 
an animals life better.  Most humans are capable of working towards 
improving their own lives.  We provide shelter, food, etc. for both 
stray animals and people; the difference is there's more people
unsheltered and hungry than animals, and so far, we don't euthanise our 
fellow man - yet.

On Wed, 13 May 1998 23:11:07 +0000 MARIO BANDA <mabanda@swbell.net> 

Well, our society is conditioned to believe firmly in Social Darwinism 
or "Survival of the Fittest"; that means that if a human being has 
"failed" is because he/she did not try hard enough. From those 
self-centered attitudes we develop a careless approach towards  another 
human being "in need". Helping an animal is easier because it makes us 
feel good without having to look into their eyes and of course we can go 
to bed at night feeling that we did our "good dee" for the day...after 
all the stray dog does not talk back..we can control the dog...

On Thu, 14 May 1998 01:24:09 EDT FChrisBro <FChrisBro@aol.com> 

I think the problem is the Calvinist philosophy that has been a part of 
American culture for centuries which teaches that disability, disease, 
and poverty are divine punishments or, at least, symptoms of character 
deficiencies. It's why we use the phrases "you're really sick" or 
"you're psychotic" as insults.

Stray humans, unlike stray animals, are perceived as either deserving or 
having chosen their situation. Also, some homeless persons, due to 
mental disability or addiction, behave in ways which provoke angry and 
unsympathetic reactions in others. It is difficult for many people to 
truly understand the concept of not being responsible for one's actions.

And perhaps guilt plays a part in all this. Nobody could possibly give a 
dollar to every panhandler, or provide housing for every homeless 
family, but many people feel they *should* help those less fortunate 
than themselves. This conflict creates guilt, which many people deal 
with by rationalizing that "those lazy bums" have brought their problems 
on themselves and don't deserve help.

On Thu, 14 May 1998 04:07:51 -0500 "Dennis M. Thielen" 
<rhogast@tcgcs.com> answered:

We live in a society that has made money more important than people. As 
long as that is the majority viewpoint, homelessness and poverty will 
continue. Money consciousness extends to the area of tax dollars as 
well. There's a general animosity of certain upper income people to 
support (or even give the time of day to) "useless people".

I have even heard some people quote Dr Malthus and say that it is the 
"evolutionary destiny" of the poor to die off and the "virile wealthy" 
to survive! People are not paid for all the things they can do or 
contribute, or just on the basis of intrinsic human worth. Instead they 
are paid on an arbitrary monetary scale, where certain jobs, 
chores or functions are completely ignored and not compensated at all.

On Thu, 14 May 1998 07:48:47 -0600 (MDT) Virginia Sellner <wch@vcn.com> 

Good question, because we indeed seem to do that -- maybe it's easier to 
deal with the animals, they don't talk back and they do what WE WANT 
them to.

On Fri, 15 May 1998 03:40 (EST) Tedrico Latham <tedrico@hotmail.com>

Based on where I've been, and the terrible ways I've seen homeless and 
helpless people treated by law enforcement, shelter staff, medical 
practioners, mall security, the church body, and so on, and so forth, I 
feel that we (refering to all whom this applies to) would treat stray 
animals better than stray people because we look at animals from a 
"master / servant" perspective and people from a "beneath me/ my equal / 
better than me" point of view"! By taking a stray puppy in an alleyway, 
into our homes, and assuming the role of care-giver to this animal, we 
feel like we're gaining a faithful and trusting watch dog!

But if we take a homeless man, from this same alley, into our homes and 
provide him with nourishment, clothing, and good tidings, and then he 
turns around and smokes up our TV while we're away at work, then we're 
left feeling like a a dam fool because we allowed our deeply embeded & 
GOD given need to help our fellow man, to deceive our initial judment of 
such a person. As a result, the next time we see both, a stray animal 
and a homeless man, in that same alley, eating out of different ends of 
a dumpster, we grab the cat, and say,GET A #$% JOB" to the homeless 
person, because we've now forever made up our minds to judge the 170,000 
page book of homelessness by 1 bad cover! Nuff said!




Washington, DC -- One year into the effort, Vice President Gore 
announced today that the federal government has already hired over 3,600 
former welfare recipients, putting the Administration ahead of schedule 
in meeting President Clinton's goal of hiring 10,000 former welfare 
recipients by the year 2000.

Speaking at the Old Executive Office Building, the Vice President also 
launched the "Federal Welfare-to-Work Contractor Hiring Initiative," a 
government-wide initiative to urge government contractors and grantees 
in the private sector to join in the effort to hire former welfare 

"With over 3,600 former welfare recipients now hired, we are less than 
one-third of the way toward our deadline and more than one-third of the 
way toward our goal," the Vice President said.  "Now, I am asking every 
federal agency to encourage their contractors and suppliers to recruit, 
mentor and train welfare recipients, and help us speed our efforts to 
move people from welfare to work."

Last year, President Clinton asked the Vice President to head the 
government's effort to hire 10,000 welfare recipients.  The "Federal 
Welfare-to-Work Hiring Progress" report shows that federal agencies are 
already close to meeting the President's goal of hiring 40% of the 
10,000 former welfare workers this year -- with six months left in the 
calender year.

Joining the Vice President in highlighting the federal government's 
efforts to hire former welfare recipients were Alexis Herman, Secretary 
of Labor, Mort Downey, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, and Janice 
LaChance, Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

The effort to encourage government contractors to hire former welfare 
recipients is being led by Gerald Greenwald, CEO of United Airlines, and 
chairman of the board of the Welfare-to-Work (W-2-W) Partnership. James 
Sines, the Vice President and Coordinator of W-2-W Partnership program, 
took the lead in encouraging the 130 corporate attendees at today's 
event to hire former welfare workers.  

The Welfare-to-Work (W-2-W) Partnership, is a private, non-profit 
organization that formed after the passage of the 1996 welfare reform 

The Cellucci administration is proudly trumpeting the fact that 
Massachusetts's welfare caseload is at its lowest level in 24 years. 
Since the state's sweeping welfare reform of 1995, 27,000 recipients 
have left the rolls. But what looks good in a press release isn't so 
pretty in real life. (Doubters should read "On the Edge," our report on 
five families struggling near the welfare line.) As welfare reform has 
kicked in, emergency shelters and food banks have been reporting sharp 
increases in the number of people seeking their help because they can no 
longer turn to the state. And as two-year time limits on benefits 
expire, social services will be strained even further.

For other recent Speeches and Press Releases on Welfare Reform, Search 
the White House Database at:




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