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While many of us on this list would challeng many of the assumptions
made from within the "mainstream" media about so-called "mental
illnesses" - I feel that few of us, certainly those from the UK for
instance - would want to argue much about the critism quoted below
from the article by CHRISTIE BLATCHFORD appearing in The Toronto Sun,
and quoted on this list:-

".. The problem is, the facilities for helping the seriously mentally
ill in
this province are few and far between, the system compromised by the
dual effects of a decades-old policy of deinstitutionalizing psychiatric
patients (i.e., booting them out of hospitals) and a network of
community supports which is virtually non-existent."

At least in the various nations that have a strong cultural link to
Britain, there was a kind of domino effect in this matter to be observed
some time ago.  

Many of these countries - and probably a number with no special link to
the UK tended to adopt the Policies of a massive general
deinstitutionalization being proposed from those with influence, comming
from the right end of the political spectrum.

To make the "pill" easier to swallow and to disguise the strongly
in-humane and disruptive 
abandonment that was to come of many, _who by the time they had served
years of psychiartic detention_ really did need quite a lot of support
and provision, the voteing public were convinced that there were to be
two elements in these measures.

i) Would save the public fiscus enormous summs, freeing them up to be
speant on cooperate welfare and tax breaks for the super-rich.  That was
the matter of rapidly closeing down the huge old (sometimes 2000+ bed-)
state mental hospitals.

-* This part DID happen!*-

and then -

ii) The second part of the scheme would have probably even cost more
than the savings above if done properly; certainly in the initial 3 - 10
years after the change.  That was the matter of fulfilling the promise
to provide all sorts of housing - supervised community support and
services to enable those rapidly discharged from the, addmittedly in
some cases - almost mediavel situation within the confines of the above
state psy. detention centers.

The plain facts of the matter is that the 'Oh so respectable and noble!'
leaders of these countries conservative political forces - quite simply
renegaded on this second part of the "deal" and:-

-*This part simply DID NOT happen!*- 

- allowing the same alledegly well meaning politicians of the
<thentime-> established right to in fact largely _pocket_ the massive
savings from part i) of the scheme and distribute them in one devious
way and another amongst thier cronies and "club members!"

The result can unfortunatly; often still be seen on the city streets of
our so-called western industrial _civilisations_.

Between the parking lots for the well-healed sector of the consuming
well-to-do's - arround the forcourts of the ever glitzier prestige
construction sites; (I will avoid launching into a full blown tirade
about the 100.000+ undocumented 'slave-' labourer construction workers
who habe been in fact doing the sweat-part of the massive govt. building
jobs at the Potsdammer Platz site here in Berlin on this occasion) are
the shell<-and otherwise-> shocked - walking wounded of the class wars. 
Those who would probably be finding their feet in a stable niche had not
rampant conservativise 20 - 30 years ago wiped out much of thier own
resources and then stolen thier birthright to a chance to benifit from
societies resources either.  

All this in the name of averice and mealy-mouthed deciet and
money+powergrabbing on the part of a very few - who are still able to
keep such scandals from the consiousness of the many.. in order to
bolster thier ability to perform the next coupe' of wealth transfer -
from the 
area of the somewhat poor to the silly-rich, having allready -largely
stealthfully- pulled off the same in respect to those who were allready
near the bottom of the material wellbeing of society.  

Not only have the "few at the top" pulled off such a coupe'.  They have
been able to do it in a manner that leaves thier victimes so damaged and
plain "outside" of things in general - that there is only minor chance
of redress of the evil and averice that poisons what we so fondly
consider "our" democracies.

I can't help in this connection, not to remeber the words of Bonhoeffer
the born-again Christian minister who took as stand against the German
Faschism some 60 years ago.
His warning words seem to find a relavance in some of the things that an
observant citizen can see happening today.

"When they came for the Gypsies - I looked away - conforting myself that
I was not one of them!  They then came again - for the Communists - I
was also not a communist, so cared little - Then they dragged off the
homosexuals - and even the disabled... neither of which I really was -
so I still did not protest too loudly.  

Trouble is - one fine day they came for me - and the other thoughtfull
types arround me.

Unfortunatly - bye then there was really nowone left who even understood
how to protest!"

We have seen the "mental patients" being disenfranchised and abandond
largely to thier fate - droves of them perrishing under the bridges and
on freezing paveing stones in winter.

We are watching the move that seems to be making it the rule - that if a
person over 40 ever gets out of a job for a week or two - they are out
of a job for the rest of thier lives.

One is aware that many many individuals live in practical isolation -
financial and societal pressures keeping them from the company of thier
fellow man.  No work - little finance - fractured families -
compartmentalized housing - social structures, closed off to the
non-employed etc etc.

WAKE UP - you majority!  Or by the time they come for *you* - there will
be nowone left who even knows how to protest!

Paranoid!!????   Perhaps.....!  

        An analysis totally without any foundation in reality!!??

                 NO WAY!


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