Argentine squat ordered to vacate: please write officials FWD

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Thu, 14 May 1998 17:33:13 -0700 (PDT)

=46WD  Urgent! We can stop the eviction!!!

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=46ri, 8 May 98 16:02:19 -0000
A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E


We are the "Germinal Cultural Center", from La Plata city, Argentine.

Germinal is a squat for more than one year. Yesterday we received a letter
of intimidation from the department of justice
giving us 5 days to close the Center.

We have organiced a repudiation, your support is necessary. We send a
letter to the courts, on all sides unbiased to
defend our free space. Express your solidarity sending the next letter via
fax (preferable) to this phone address:

00 54 21 22 0758 (judge's telephone)

Other posibility, send by card to:

Juzgado N=BA15
calle 8 56 y 57

in English or Spanish (preferable send in spanish):
Dr Ricardo G. Szelagowski

You are conducted with the intention to organize our repudiation of
signatures for the intimidation of act No 21.830,
which investigates the close of the Germinal Cultural Center, in 7 street
no 551, in La Plata city.

We consider it a clear injustice to close the doors of Art, free expresion
and culture in general. We are in full support the
Center should maintain activities directly bound to the culture of the

Dr. Ricardo G. Szelagowski

Nos dirigimos a Ud. con la intencion de manifestarle nuestro
repudio por firmar la intimidacion en la causa N=BA 21.830 que se investiga
el desalojo del Centro Cultural germinal, ubicado en la calle 7 N=BA551 de l=
ciudad de La Plata.

Consideramos una plena injusticia el hecho de cerrar las puertas
al arte, a la libre expresion, a la cultura en general.Es de nuestra
constancia que en dicho Centro Cultural se realizaban actividades ligadas
directamente a la cultura y a la comunidad.

We consider it best that we use the same text from any part of the world.
Any problems consult our e-mail address
( remember that is not the Center number but an office.

Until then we wait your solidarity and think:

They can cut the flowers, but cannot stop the spring,

They can close our squats, but cannot stop the squattering

NO PASARAN!!!!!!!!!!
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