Portland City Council Elections 5-19/Oregon Housing NOW URL FWD

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Thu, 14 May 1998 17:30:22 -0700 (PDT)


Concerned about Housing and Homeless issues?

Confused about the 2 Portland City Council races?

Then visit the Oregon Housing NOW Coalition Web Site and read These
Homeless Times Online


You'll find statements from

Position # 2 Candidates

Erik Sten
Ed Lindsey

Position #3 Candidates

Tanya Collier
Martie Sucec
Mark White
Dan Saltzman

Coming this fall:  Statements from candidates for Governor, US Senate, US
House and other selected races.  Call 503-288-0317 to get on the mailing
list for These Homeless Times or read it online.  Don=92t forget to vote
Tuesday, May 19th!

Chuck Currie
Oregon Housing Now Coalition
2710 NE 14th Avenue
Portland, OR  97212


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