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California Homeless Civil Rights Action Network

Police Menace Homeless Vigil/Sleep-Out
City Stonewalls in Shelter Crisis, Tries to "Relocate" Protest

        The Issue:     San Diego has no shelter for half of its 5000
homeless people.  At the same time, the city is persecuting and prosecuting
homeless people for sleeping in their vehicles or falling asleep in public
places.  Homeless vets, women with children, & other innocent vulnerable
people are being criminalized for simply being poor.   Homeless protesters
began a sleepout and 24-hour vigil on March 15th to demand shelter and an
end to harassment.

        The Protest:  In May the protest moved to Horton Plaza--a
commercial area,  part of  which included a park with benches and
restrooms, which were removed in an "economic cleansing" plan to drive the
poor out of the downtown.  Police have begun harassing the 100-200
protesters,  threatening citations for "camping" or "blocking the
sidewalk".  One man has already been falsely arrested for peaceful
protesting at the anti-homeless U.S. Grant  Hotel nearby.
                                A specially-organized anti-homeless goon
squad, the San Diego Ambassadors of the Alpha Project are routinely
rousting isolated homeless people at Horton Plaza, though they have avoided
protesters, for fear of publicity and opposition.

        Background:  Mayor Susan Golding and other city politicians  have
had no problems squandering millions on a football team (the San Diego
Chargers).  Now they are proposing to spend millions more on a baseball
stadium, while ignoring elementary health & safety for the poor.  They
recently suggested protesters "relocate" to the outskirts of town.
A prior protest successfully potty-trained politicians  into opening
long-promised 24-hour bathrooms at City Hall.     PROTESTERS CAN WIN IF

        CONTACT THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL:  "Less Talk and More Shelter Now!"
           Mayor Susan Golding, 202 C St., Suite 11A, San Diego, CA 92101
           Phone: 619-236-6330    Fax:  619-236-7228    E-mail:
           Councilman George Stevens, 202 C St., San Diego, CA 92101
           Phone: 619-236-6644  Fax: 619-236-6529

        CONTACT THE SAN DIEGO POLICE DEPARTMENT:   "Respect the Constitution!"
                        Police Chief Jerry Sanders   1400 Broadway, San
Diego CA 92101
                        Phone:  619-531-2000    Fax:  531-2530

        TELL THE ALPHA PROGRAM'S AMBASSADORS: "Stop Harassing the Homeless!"
                     Mr. Bob McElroy 299 17th St. San  Diego  CA 92101
                      Phone:  619-234-3041   Fax:  234-3064

        GO TO THE PRESS:  "More News about Folks in Need & the City without
                Write a Letter to the Editor to the San Diego Union-Tribune:
                        P.O. Box 191, San  Diego  CA 92112-4106  phone:
                        fax: 619-293-1440  e-mail:
                Contact the News Department and ask them to cover the protest!

        SUPPORT THE PROTESTERS:   "Stand Your Ground!  We are Behind You!"
             Street Light, 935 E St., San Diego CA 92101 (open M-Sat 9 AM-4
PM)  Ask for Roger.
             phone: 619-338-9081   fax:  619-338-8048  e-mail:
                The Protest needs funds, legal support, ideas, publicity,
and bodies!

Flyer by HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom)  309 Cedar #14B,
Santa Cruz, CA
phone: 408-423-4833  fax: 408-429-8529                   5/14/98


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