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Thu, 14 May 1998 12:14:37 -0700 (PDT)

This is interesting.  I have been studying the usefulness of global links
for grassroots resistance groups, to secure both political clout and
personal and collective support, and I think that, had this particular
group been linked to (or perhaps it was, and that is why it could act
quickly?) other groups fighting for decent wages, across borders of
nation-states, as well as borders of identity, more might occur.

Also, this article illuminates, for me, the way that demanding
decisionmaking at the local level, while fine-tuning problem definition
and resolution (which might have occured anyway) to local concerns, also
works neatly to place communities in opposition with one another, as we
continue to work on scarcity models.  As long as we are led to believe
that there is just not enough to go around...then we are justified in
getting what we can at the Other's expense...and the Other may very soon
live just two blocks down, in another neighborhood.

Part of why I like HPN is that it does *not limit itself unnecessarily to
what goes on in MASS or helps me define for the students I
conjointly teach that there are power relationships at work, and, in order
to resist these and offer transformative alternatives, power relationships
across borders must be established.  The Net is a great way to do that.  

This list has connected me with colleagues globally.  

Thanks for this post, Tom Boland.

Pat Myers

On Thu, 14 May 1998, Tom Boland wrote:

> For Immediate Release:
> Tuesday, May 12, 1998
> Contacts:  Alain Jehlen 617 / 666-9479
>            Bill Bumpus 617 / 628-0134
> All the leading candidates for Congress in the Eighth District (replacing
> Joe Kennedy) have accepted invitations to address a rally this Sunday in
> support of the Somerville Living Wage Ordinance.
> The Somerville Living Wage Committee and the Cambridge Campaign for a
> Living Wage asked the candidates to give their positions on the Living
> Wage proposal and on other questions of pay and economic justice.
> The rally will be the first event at which the candidates will meet and
> discuss a major issue in the race.  It will take place on the steps of
> Somerville's City Hall, Sunday, May 17, from 2 to 4 pm.
> The candidates who have confirmed they are coming are George Bachrach,
> Somerville Mayor Mike Capuano, Marjorie Claprood, Ray Flynn, Thomas Keane,
> John O'Connor, and Susan Tracy.
> Bob Haynes, secretary-treasurer of the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, will also be
> speaking.
> The proposed Somerville ordinance, now being studied by the Board of
> Aldermen, would require the city and many of its contractors to pay
> workers at least $8.03 an hour, which is the amount a full-time worker
> needs to support a family of four at the federal poverty level.
> A similar law is due to take effect in Boston this summer.  The
> Cambridge Campaign for a Living Wage is developing its own version.
> The rally comes on the heels of a national conference on living wages
> sponsored by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO and Boston ACORN.  A
> representative from Portland, Oregon, which has had a living wage
> ordinance in effect for several years, will come from that conference to
> address the rally.
> "I'm sure that a lot of people will be watching these speeches closely,"
> said Matthew Feigin of the Somerville Living Wage Committee, which proposed
> the Somerville ordinance.  "If some of the candidates take an early and
> clear stand in support of living wages for working people, it will set them
> apart from the pack.  This rally could define the issues in the
> Congressional race."
> The fact that so many candidates are coming demonstrates the power of
> living wages as an issue.  Living wage laws are a national trend, because
> they reflect the simple belief that people who work an honest day shouldn't
> be poor at the end of it.
> The proposed Somerville ordinance was submitted unanimously by all 11
> Somerville aldermen, but action has been delayed while the city conducts an
> impact study.  The Boston Living Wage law was passed by the City Council
> last year by a vote of 11 to 1.  The only councillor in opposition was
> Thomas Keane, who is now running for Congress and scheduled to speak at the
> Somerville rally.
> Other living wage bills have been passed in Baltimore, Minneapolis,
> Milwaukee, and other cities and counties across the nation.
> 	Who:     All leading Eighth District Congressional candidates
>       	   Union leaders and living wage supporters
> 	What:    Rally in support of the Somerville Living Wage Ordinance
> 	When:    Sunday, May 17, 1998
> 	         2:00-4:00 p.m.
> 	Where:   Steps of Somerville City Hall
> 	         93 Highland Ave.
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> Alain Jehlen
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