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    -- Operation SalAMI --
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    From: Villa Saint-Martin <>

=46ood Not Bombs Montreal will be participating in the OPERATION SALAMI
which is a civil disobedience that will be blocking le conference de
Montreal May 25-27 and we invite you to participate in this exciting
resistance to the MAI.
A plan to resist the MAI and the agenda of big capital ...

Montreal, Quebec  May 24th to 27th, 1998


AMI -- Accord Multilateral sur les Investissements -- is the French
acronym for MAI. =ECSal=EE means bad or dirty. Hence, =ECSalami=EE means =EC=
little MAI.=EE It has the alternative meaning of =ECno good friend.=EE


Operation SalAMI is a plan to oppose the MAI and the agenda of big
capital which it represents. Late this May, hundreds of business and
political elites will be gathering at the posh Sheraton Center Hotel in
downtown Montreal. They will be attending the Conference de Montreal on
Globalized Economies, an annual three-day celebration of free market
economics and corporate globalization. Confirmed speakers include the
Governor of the Bank of Canada, the Governor of New York, the former
head of the European Commission, representatives of the US Department of
State and the Deutsche Bank Group, as well as senior executives of
Bombardier and the Royal Bank. Corporate =ECsponsors and collaborators=EE
include Bell Canada Enterprises, Power Corporation, Hydro-Quebec, KPMG
and the Globe and Mail and La Presse newspapers. The entrance fee for
the conference is over $1000.
The featured speaker is to be Donald Johnston, former Liberal cabinet
minister and party President, and currently the Secretary-General of the
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) where the
MAI is currently being negotiated behind closed doors.
The ConfErence will also include representatives of =ECTeam Canada,=EE
shamelessly described as =ECCanadian government experts serving business
in the conquest of world markets=EE providing business representatives
with =EChard data relevant to their immediate needs.=EE


Operation SalAMI will be organizing an alternative conference to the
Conference de Montreal as well as a public demonstration. Importantly,
Operation SalAMI will also attempt to blockade the Conference de
Montreal. The action is organized on three basic principles:
non-violence, openness and civil disobedience training for any
participant who may be risking arrest or acting as a support person.
The objectives of Operation SalAMI are multifold: to oppose the MAI; to
contribute to the public education campaign on the MAI and its wider
socio-political context; to mobilize diverse groups and individuals; to
disrupt and/or shut down the Conference de Montreal; to show that the
signing of the MAI -- whether this year or later -- will meet with
widespread resistance; to build and consolidate the non-violent
resistance movement in Quebec and elsewhere; to contribute to the
various social struggles against the globalization of injustice and
poverty; and, last but not least, to satisfy one=EDs own personal and
political objectives.


You are invited to join potentially thousands of demonstrators from
Montreal and all over Quebec, Canada and the United States as we attempt
to shut down the Conference de Montreal in opposition to the MAI. The
organizers of Operation SalAMI in Montreal can help provide simple
lodgings (bring a sleeping bag) as well as cheap, vegetarian meals (by
donation) for the duration of the Conference de Montreal. Lodgings and
food are also available for the alternative conference to take place at
the University de Quebec =FD Montreal (UQAM) from May 22-23rd. We can help
organize civil disobedience training workshops in your area as well as
coordinate rides to and from Montreal.
You can participate in many ways: attend the alternative conference at
UQAM, act as a support person during the blockade starting on May 25th,
attend the celebration demonstration -- =ECBye-bye Conference de
Montreal!=EE -- on May 27th or participate in the civil disobedience
action by being part of the blockade of the Conference. If you can=EDt
make it to Montreal, your endorsement as an individual or part of a
group would be much appreciated. As well, donations for our campaign are
always welcome.


While the Conference de Montreal is not specifically a negotiating
session for the MAI or another free trade agreement, it is at forums
like the Conference that ideas like the MAI are conceived and discussed.
The Conference de Montreal is a fundamentally elitist and pro-business
forum which purposely excludes the representatives of broader civil
society -- labour, women, indigenous persons, anti-poverty groups,
environmental organizations -- while strategizing about how to pursue
policies that are to their detriment.
Importantly, the Conference de Montreal is a tangible, local symbol of
the corporate-driven globalization process. While the MAI may be
negotiated in Paris, and organizations like the World Trade Organization
or IMF are headquartered elsewhere, the Conference de Montreal gives us
an opportunity to collectively demonstrate our non-violent resistance to
the MAI. By shutting down the Conference de Montreal through Operation
SalAMI, we will be adding our voices to the worldwide resistance to the
MAI and the corporate globalization process which it represents. Join


-- Friday May 22nd to Saturday, May 23rd --
  Alternative Conference on the MAI, Globalization and Resistance.
  University de Montreal =FD Quebec (UQAM)
-- Sunday, May 24th (morning) --
  Final Civil Disobedience Training Workshop.
-- Sunday, May 24th (evening) --
  Logistics and Strategy Meeting for All Participants.
  [If you are going to be participating in the actual blockade of the
  Conference, either as a support person or as someone who will be
risking  arrest, the gatherings on May 24th are very important.]

-- Monday, May 25th to Wednesday, May 27th --
  The Conference de Montreal, Sheraton Center Hotel
  25th: The blockade begins ...
  27th: Demonstration and celebration.
  =ECBye-bye Conference de Montreal!=EE


  April 28-29th
  MAI negotiations in Paris.

  April 28-29th
  Protests against the MAI in Paris.

  April 30th/May 1st
  Midnite street party -- L=EDAMInuit --
  at the Montreal Stock Exchange.

  May 18-20th
  World Trade Organization Summit in Geneva.

  May 18-20th
  Worldwide civil disobedience campaign as part of
  People=EDs Global Action against Free Trade.


  -- Operation SalAMI --
  P.O.Box 282, Station E
  Montreal H2T 2A7

  tel: (514) 982-6606, ext. 2236
  fax: (514) 982-6122

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