May 19 DEMO against welfare deform, immigrant bashing: Sacremento

Tom Boland (
Thu, 14 May 1998 00:11:41 -0700 (PDT)

FWD *excerpt* via Andrew Rose of SF Food Not Bombs

May 19 day of action against welfare deform and immigrant scapegoating -

Tuesday May 19 there will be a mass demonstration by poor people and
immigrants in Sacramento at NOON on the WEST side of the Capital.  The
focus is on welfare reform and there will be a day long series of visits to
representatives offices as well as speakers.

Busses are leaving from Los Angeles monday call  Frank  213 746 6511 x5#
Busses leave SF Tuesday Morning from:

Chinatown, 7:30 am
Central Del Pueblo, 7:30 AM in the Mission
Fruitvale BART 7:30 AM
Castlemont High School  Oakland 8 AM

for bay area info call Anna Maria Loya, 415 243 8215 x 369

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