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May 8, 1998
Vol. 27, No. 9

Supplemental appropriations are offset with housing funds.  Signed into
law on 5/1, the $6.1 billion supplemental spending bill funds disaster
relief and overseas peacekeeping forces.  To pay for the new spending,
Congress adopted $2.6 billion in offsets, including $2.3 billion from
HUD Section 8 tenant-based reserves.  Congressional appropriators  said
this housing cut will be restored in the 1999 HUD budget.  For more
information, contact Joe Belden, HAC, 202-842-8600 or by email at

HUD report shows that 5.3 million families are in need of housing
assistance.  Rental Housing Assistance =96 The Crisis Continues shows that
a booming economy has done little to meet the demand for affordable
housing, especially for working families.  According to the report,
"worst case" housing needs for this group rose 24 percent between 1991
and 1995 as low wage jobs failed to keep pace with rising housing
costs.  This, coupled with the fact that the stock of safe, decent
housing is declining, leaves families and other individuals extremely
vulnerable to homelessness.  The report's findings reaffirm the need to
continue support of HUD programs that foster the growth of healthy, safe
communities and housing, which  in turn will help meet our country's
increasingly critical housing demands.  Copies of the report can be
obtained from HUD for $5.  This report does not contain data on rural
areas.  To order call HUD USER, 800-245-2691.

The House is considering a financial modernization bill (HR 10) soon.

The measure would allow bank/non-bank mergers.  This possible amendment
could exempt small banks from the Community Reinvestment Act.  For more
information, contact the Center for Community Change, 202-342-0567.

HUD announces $1.19 billion in funding available for 6 targeted
housing and homeless assistance programs in one Super Notice of Funding
Availability (SuperNOFA).  HUD also announces SuperNOFAs of $1.76
million for 10 economic development and empowerment programs and $5
million covering three programs operated  by the offices of Fair Housing
and Equal Opportunity, Housing and Lead Hazard Control.  The SuperNOFAs
include 19 separate applications with due dates between 7/7-7/29.  See
Federal Register, 4/30, pp. 23875-24047.  For application kits and
assistance, call the SuperNOFA Information Center, 800-HUD-USER or an
area HUD office.

Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration funds
available; initial proposals due 5/28.  The EDA is soliciting proposals
for research and technical assistance that address unemployment,
underemployment and underdevelopment in distressed areas.  See Federal
Register, 4/21, pp. 19789-19793.  For more information contact John
McNamee, DOC, 202-482-4085.

USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service grants available; applications
due 6/15.  Funding is available to establish and operate centers for
rural cooperative development.  Grants will be awarded before 9/1.  See
Federal Register, 4/23, pp. 20167-20168.  For more information call
James Haskell, USDA, 202-720-8460.

Section 8 certificate and voucher programs conforming rule is final as
of 6/1.  The rule combines and conforms the regulations for tenant-based
rental assistance under Section 8.  See Federal Register, 4/30, pp.
23825-23873.  For additional information contact Gloria Cousar, HUD,

Conference:  The National Alliance to End Homelessness will hold its
1998 annual conference "Beyond Homelessness: New Realities, New
Opportunities, New Resources" 7/22-7/24 in Washington, D.C.  For more
information about the conference, contact the National Alliance at
202-638-1526 or by fax at 202-638-4664.

Guide to Fundraising for Rural Nonprofits: Strategies for Raising
Operating Funds is now available from HAC.  This guide shows rural
housing nonprofits how to begin raising operating funds and explains how
to develop a fundraising strategy.  It also includes a list of funders
that have provided support for rural housing in the past.  To obtain a
copy (ISBN 1-58064-083-4), send a check for $3.50 to HAC, call Luz
Rosas, HAC, 202-842-8600 for credit card orders, or visit

National Dialogue on Poverty 1996 Final Report is now available from
the National Association of Community Action Agencies (NACAA).  The
report summarizes the National Dialogue process and highlights its
results and the achievements of community action agencies.  To obtain a
copy, contact NACAA at 202-265-7546.

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