Re: Living situation [Boston area]

Tom Boland (
Tue, 12 May 1998 20:49:48 -0700 (PDT)

Bruce D. Burleson <> wrote on 5-12:
>> I think I might have found a place to live today, in
>> East Boston near the airport.  I won't know till the
>> end of the week if I get the room, but I hope so.  The
>> guy with the lease, Jose, seems interesting, and it's
>> a nice apartment.  All the amenities, even washer/dryer
>> in the basement!  cool eh?

Bruce, I hope you do get the place in East Boston.

In case you don't, I'll keep my ears cocked and let you know if I hear of
anything available in your price range.  Other best bets for affordable
room rent near Boston include Jamacia Plain, Allston and Somerville.

I've found places by putting up notices on bulletin boards at campuses,
laundrymats, food coops and activist group offices.  I especially suggest
posting in neighborhoods where you'd like to live.

Also, consider giving out "room wanted" flyers to all your friends and
co-workers, specifying your ideal arrangement - cost, housemates,
neighborhoods and so on, plus a phone number to contact you.

Also, it helps to describe yourself in your flyer.  "Drug and alcohol free
activist semi-vegitarian smoker seeks gender balanced coop living
arrangement" type stuff.

Good luck on your housing quest, my brother!--Tom

>I'm looking for a room to rent, in the $250-$400/month range.  Anyone
>know of one?
>I need to move out of where I'm at by 6/4.
>Bruce B.

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