Re: soup kitchens agist, racist, sexist?

Tue, 12 May 1998 20:05:51 EDT


   I can only comment on the Soup Kitchen I am familiar with; that of Colorado
Springs, CO. In 20 years of association with it, the only descrinination I've
witnessed is as follows: 
Drunks: If you're visibly intoxicated, you'll be barred for that meal (but
given food to take away)
Families with children: Get to jump the queue and eat in the "family room".
(I've witnessed a number of ad-hoc adoptions and marriages occur in the lunch
line to take advantage of this special treatment!)
Obviously frail individuals: get to jump queue and help with food and seating.
  That's really about it. Abusive, intimidating language or behaviour is not
tolerated from the people dining towards each other or the staff. Matt
Parkhouse, RN