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Sun, 10 May 1998 23:11:53 -0700 (PDT)

[Perhaps Mixed Company could offer these Toronto workshops
free to poor and homeless people.  Who among us has $240 bucks?
Content sounds interesting, though.--Tom B]

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     *Free Yourself from internal and external oppressors and manipulators*


COPS IN THE HEAD explores the internal oppressors that are at work in the
psyche.  These internal oppressors are known as 'dark arrows' and can
sabotage you and cause you and those around you much grief.  They can cause
you to be stuck in a dependency triangle of victim-persecutor-rescuer.
They can make you emotionally co-dependent, overly attached, jealous,
unhappy or unsatisfied with your life, yourself and your accomplishments.
They include the voices in your head that tell you, 'You're stupid', 'You
can't do that', concepts that were placed there by your imagemakers -
parents, teachers or other authority figures during your formative years.
Learn which internal oppressions  are holding you back and workable
strategies for exchanging the dark arrows  for positive light arrows.

THE TYRANT/OPPRESSOR WHEEL explores the external oppressor energies that
are used against you to manipulate you.  Are you having the life sucked out
of you by a Lord/Queen Tyrant? Are you being manipulated by Anger/Rage or a
Brutal/Vicious energy in your life? Is your soft heart the victim of
Sly/Cunning?  Does your self-esteem allow a Persecuting/ Tormenting
oppressor to guilt you out?
Learn about the different tyrant energies on the Tyrant/Oppressor Wheel and
concrete strategies and techniques for identifying and dealing with them.

These techniques can be used by anyone to enhance your professional work
and your personal life.

Mixed Company is a not-for-profit organization established in 1983 which
helps -- community organizations, service groups, educators, students,
actors, psychiatric survivors, domestic abuser survivors ,disenfranchised
and homeless youth, single mothers and others -- to develop the tools for
self-empowerment and social change through our interactive theatrical
skills and techniques.

Workshop Facilitator, Simon Malbogat is a director, facilitator and
educator who has worked professionally in theatre for over 25 years.  He
has given over 100 workshops in North America, South America and Europe and
directed over 1000 Forum Theatre Plays.  Teaching highlights include George
Brown College,  Humber College and Theatre Ontario Summer Programme. Simon
also incorporates the Sweet Medicine teachings of the Deer Tribe Metis
Medicine Society into his work.

Workshop Dates:

Cops in the Head:
Saturday June 6th,
Sunday June 7th, (both days)

Tyrant/ Oppressor Wheel:
TBA (please contact Mixed Co. for details)

Price:  $120 for each workshop
10% discount for TTA, Theatre Ontario, Equity Members, Weed Members
Limited Space.  Reserve Today.

Mixed Company
736 Bathurst Street
Suite 211
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2R4
Ph: (416) 588-8580
Fax:Specify for Mixed Co.
(416) 531-6214


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