Hello Gustav... //And cc: to HPN - re: govt. abuse of labour - bottom halve of the posting.//

Ronald J. Bartle (snuffy@snafu.de)
Sun, 10 May 1998 21:49:58 +0200

Thanks for the explanation about London - <the _other one_> and I am
sorry to hear of the loss of your pal  Graham Barlow.  It will be
interesting to hear what the coroner has to say.  A bit dodgey - being
released from hospital a few weeks earlier etc..!
Well - all the best pal.. things are looking up a bit for me in some
indirect ways.  The estranged lady wife has finally got a place of her
own and continues to look after the son some of the time.  

He may be attending a priv. boarding school in the week and home to his
mom or me at the weekends soon.  The school he is at now is really
lausy.  Their latest stunt is to start class at 09:55 and finnish again
at 11:50 .. claiming they have no teachers for the rest of the lessons.

There is a huge scandal going on here that nowone talks about - except
me.  I have had letters from big newspaper publishers who say thier
editors find the story immensely interesting - but have not published it
per-se.  The biggest of German newspaper publishers has started to
slowly go for the scandal but from an obleque line.

It involves 'employing' up to 180.000 (mostly british-) illegal workers
to build the new seat of govt. in Berlin at the Potsdammer Platz feder
construction site.  Here in Berlin - no matter what it is - missing
roads - no road markings - pavements in disrepair - govt. schools with
hardly any teachers or books etc.. the story is always - the city is
broke.  But by the CDU/CSU (= Germany's tories) govt. using untaxed
illegal labour for Europes biggest construction site - they have kissed
good bye to billions of tax payers money that would normally have flowed
back into the exchequer here if the big big construction jobs had been
built with legal labour and firms.  The biggest publishers are no going
after the fact that the jobs were priced at 3 - to 5 TIMES the local
premium construciton price per sq meter of office etc anyhow.  And at
that over-the-top price - it has also been done with not only no taxes
paid - but with the men not getting paid at all - for the work allready
done 1/3 of the time.  Having no insurance or pension rights and working
dangerously and very long hours etc etc.

Awefull big scandal that nobody talks about here. It seems that there is
really an old tradition that big huge crimes done bye the govt. are ok
and nobody complaines...? Awefull!

ron b.

(Gustav - I am cc: this to The Homelss Peoples Network - cos this sort
of gross labour exploitation is relevant for a lot of the themes on that
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