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From: Bill Dethlefs +ADw-billd+AEA-umich.edu+AD4-
Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 12:55 PM
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I am also studying the impact of employers on welfare reform, particularly
use of employer provided benefits to assist with the job retention of
welfare recipients.
Information on employer benefits is available at the national level by
accessing the Bureau of Labor Statisitics website.  In particular, you will
find information on child care, health insurance, Employee Assistance
(EAPs) and transportation subsidies.  Unfortunately, information on the
and local level is not available.  (The State of Michigan +AFs-I am at U of M+AF0-
does not keep benefit information since benefits are +ACI-not required by law.+ACI-
Other states might not also keep this information.)

The literature on this topic is pretty scarse.  I found one article in a
journal on EAPs and welfare reform in Wisconsin.  However, the program had
started so no data was available.  Several other articles have addressed
importance of +ACI-workplace support+ACI- in helping with the retention of welfare
recipients.  Many of the articles I have reviewed suggest that lack of
support directly contributes to job loss of former welfare recipients.

I you have any specific information I can try to respond based on materials
have already reviewed.  What I do know is that the human resource
will produce better information on the role of employers instead of the
reform literature.

Good luck,

Bill Dethlefs
Ph.D. Student
University of Michigan

Ron Strochlic wrote:

+AD4- I am conducting research on the impact of support services on job
+AD4- for welfare recipients that have found employment.
+AD4- Can anyone direct me towards any literature on employer-side factors --
+AD4- i.e. size and type of organization, benefits and assistance
+AD4- (transportation, childcare, etc.), mentoring programs, etc. -- and their
+AD4- impact on job retention for welfare recipients that have found jobs?
+AD4- Thanks,
+AD4- Ron Strochlic
+AD4- Research Associate
+AD4- Harder+Compag- Community Research