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Fri, 8 May 1998 17:55:12 -0700 (PDT)

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Fri 8 May 1998 17:00 PST:First e-mail version of the announcement for
The Food Not Bombs Western Regional Gathering of July 10th -12th, 1998.
Additional and more detailed communications will follow.


TO BE HELD IN SAN FRANCISCO FROM JULY 10th through JULY 12 th, 1998.

Greetings from San Francisco Food Not Bombs !

  From the late 1980's to the mid-1990's, the City of San Francisco under
the Mayoral administrations of Art Agnos, and his successor Frank Jordan,
subjected FNB ( Food Not Bombs ) members to hundreds of arrests and
intensive police harassment. The resulting media uproar focused attention
on the Government repression and criminalization of homeless people in San
Francisco; drew the attention of Amnesty International and the UN Human
Rights Commission, and helped to spread far and wide the message of FNB.
During that time, hundreds of FNB groups have started in North America
and beyond.

  San Francisco FNB survived those long years of arrests and is still
going strong. We serve nightly meals at United Nations Plaza and lunches
on Mondays at Haight & Stanyan near Golden Gate Park and also at 16th and
Mission. Starting in May, we will be serving food in the Castro District
in solidarity with homeless youth who are under attack.

  In the absence of constant arrest, San Francisco FNB has been able to
focus more on food, not bombs. We now have a fleet of 4 bike carts;
compost FNB food scraps in a community garden; have a weekly FNB women's
cook house, and have been working in coalition with various other social
justice groups.

  We are pleased to be using some of our creative energy to host -
" Organizing for Radical Social Change --- A Food Not Bombs Western
Regional Gathering ." It should be noted that we have informally defined
the Western Region as being every point on the North American continent
that is west of the Rocky Mountains. The Gathering is open to everyone who
participates in, and supports FNB, regardless of where they live or hail
from. The FNB Western Regional Gathering will take place from July 10th
to July 12th, 1998. In the past, FNB gatherings in San Francisco have been
very busy and externally focused. This was certainly the case with the
gathering that occurred during the " 500 Years of Resistance " actions in
1992 and also with the First International Gathering in 1995 that occurred
during the 50th Anniversary for the United Nations Charter. During this
gathering we will be looking inward and concentrating on FNB networking,
sharing of skills and experiences, discussing the politics of FNB and how
to relate it to the larger struggle for social justice, and celebrating
the FNB movement.

  We are presently in the early planning stages and all of your input,
ideas, suggestions and logistical support for the Gathering are needed
and will be welcomed. You may reply as individuals or as groups. Please
feel free to copy or relay this communication to all FNB folks and other
interested political and social activists.

  To reach San Francisco FNB, our contact information is as follows:

           San Francisco Food Not Bombs
           P.O. Box 40485
           San Francisco, California 94140

           Phone:   + 1-650-985-7087

           E-mail:  < >

   P.S. - PLEASE let us know if we have all of the most current and
          correct contact information for your group. - THANK YOU!!!

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