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>Thanks man.  I have been homeless once in the 
>past, but don't think that'll happen this time.  I have
>4 weeks to find another situation, and a computer
>hookup of my own to do that with.  I'll find something,
>I'm sure.  :)  Bruce.
>> From: Theodore Latham <tedrico@hotmail.com>
>> To: anvil@quik.com; hpn@aspin.asu.edu
>> Subject: Re: Evicted, sort of
>> Date: Thursday, May 07, 1998 8:38 PM
>> Bruce,
>>     Good Luck and be strong! And choose future roommate wisely! Keep 
>> updated and remember the public library usually has free "time 
>> internet access so my advise to you is to utilize your webmaster 
>> and go through the entire library and financial district and persuade 
>> someone to pay you to do a couple of web pages for some quick cash! 
>> sure your pitch contains 2 elements: (1)an immediate since of urgency 
>> (2) make them think they are getting the deal of a life time, and 
>> let them know that they can watch you design the site, and add any 
>> towards the pages design that they feel neccessary! I don't know if 
>> you've ever panhandled, or even if you've ever been homeless, but I 
>> know I have panhandled from coast to coast and was good at it! So I'm 
>> telling you this from the heart and experience! People will give you 
>> to $50 on the spot to have a web page custom designed for them while 
>> they watch! I use to carry pre-designed templates on a 3 1/2" floppy, 
>> while I was out there on the curb, so that I can give the "blue 
>> a choice of web page designs! Can you see the potential now? But 
>> do like I did and smoke up all the profits, if that's your cup of 
>> Once again, I wish you Good Luck! Nuff Said!
>> Regards,
>> Tedrico Latham
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>> "Bruce D. Burleson" <anvil@quik.com> saddly wrote:
>> >
>> >Hi everyone,
>> >
>> >My roomate has asked me to vacate the apartment by
>> >June 4th.  It's all a long story, but the bottom line is
>> >that we disagree in regards to the drug dealer
>> >downstairs, and our respective personalities are now
>> >conflicting, and are no longer compatible.
>> >
>> >So the next month I will have to spend most of my 
>> >free time and energy finding another place to live.
>> >I figure I'll try to get into another roomate situation...
>> >
>> >This may or may not jeopardize my travel plans
>> >for the second week in August; will let you know.
>> >
>> >:) 
>> >Bruce
>> >
>> >http://www.boston.quik.com/anvil
>> >
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