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Thu, 7 May 1998 19:42:26 -0700 (PDT)

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Is Poverty a Crime?

I am amazed at the response to this question from people who are not
recipients of food stamps or welfare.

The respondants use foul language, incorrect writing patterns, and
incorrect "facts".  These things add up to show that bigotry and other
forms of hatred are results of ignorance (the unlearned) or stupidity
(those who are learned, but don't know or care about what they have

First, Food Stamps are NOT Welfare.  The Food Stamp Program is a program
of the Department of Agriculture designed not to help poor people (as in
an entitlement program) but to help farmers and other food producers to
keep the prices high enough to make farming a viable way of living.
Food Stamps are a Subsidy Program.

Second, Welfare and Welfare Programs are nothing more nor less than ways
to bring Federal Tax Dollars back home to roost.  When Federal Taxes are
collected, the vast majority of that money never comes back to benefit
the communities from whom the taxes were collected.  With Welfare
monies, however, every penny of the money stays in the community once it
is doled out to the states.

If America were to put an end to "Welfare as we know it" and stop Food
Stamps, America would have a whole new "Welfare Society" in the farmers,
state and local government employees, agency employees, etc., who would
lose their jobs.  Let's not forget the grocery store employees who would
be laid off because fully one third to one half of the business would
not be there anymore.  Or the landlords who would lose their properties
because fully one half of the renters would no longer be able to afford
rent.  Or the utility company employees who would lose their jobs
because fully one third of the utility customers would no longer be able
to afford the utility bills.  Or the clothing stores--such as KMart and
WalMart--and thrift stores--such as Salvation Army and Goodwill--that
would lose a vast majority of customers because their customer base
would no longer be able to afford their goods.

Welfare and Food Stamps are essential to the American economy and its
survival.  The only other alternative is to charge the "haves" 3-4 times
the retail value of the products to make up for the losses.

Of course, this does not address the issue of health and disease
control.  Once the "bums" start starving, and disease becomes rampant,
there will not be anything that can be done to stop the illnesses and
diseases from spreading throughout the American population regardless of
status in life.  When that day comes, then those who hate the poor so
much now may wish they had hated less and helped more.

Wait a minute!!!!  That day HAS come already!!! It has served not to
elighten the uselessness of hating the impoverished, but to embed the
hatred even deeper than before.  Well, as Forest Gump knew, "Stupid is
as Stupid does."

Victoria L. Nicholson

PS No, poverty is not legally considered a crime anymore in America.
However, since the Full Employment and Housing Act, it is considered a
crime for the governments--Federal, State, and Local--to allow
homelessness and unemployment.