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   As usual, you've thoroughly answered the question and covered all 
perpectives of how you you at the question! As a webmaster, I would 
never recommend a person disable their browser's cookies, frames, java, 
and graphics (if there browser has these things) because they will not 
only run into problems on cookie dependent sites, but they will be 
missing out on a great deal of the entire internet surfing process! My 
philosophy is like that of Pat Meyers ... if someone gets your email 
address and starts sending MLM or "You can benefit from our product" 
UCE's then you can always block them or send a return email with the 
words "REMOVE" in the subject line! I get 120 to 150 emails a day and 
%40 of it is spam! How they got my email address ... who knows .. their 
are a million and one things you can do, or forms you can fill out, or 
search engines you can submit your pages to, that bring about the 
reprocussion of receiving unsolicited email! But please people ... don't 
turn your cookies off unless you absolutely feel you must! Nuff Said!


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"Ronald J. Bartle" <> replied:
>Perhaps one should point out that there is (-like with most things..) a
>down side to disabeling the cookie system.) If you have been
>occasionally clicking at sites that normally need a user name and p.w.
>to get access - the option "authorise site to remember your identity so
>you can log-in in futre without entering the date each time!?" - then
>after carying out the procedure below - this is no longer going to work
>at those site.  Of course the pc guru's out there will say "Well that's
>obvious!" - but ppl asking for tips like the one below - would often 
>be the people who are automatically going to realize all the effects of
>doing so.  Cookies do a number of things.. one of them is to leave a
>trail of where you have been sometimes when It might not be wanted. 
>They also have a number of functions that most ppl would tend to enjoy. 
>There are nowadays a number of sites who _learn_ what you are 
>in and slant searches etc based on cookie infos.  This might sound very
>"big-brother" but is is quite an old or long established system that 
>far as I am aware...) first came into wide use with the WAIS system of
>data retrieval - that lost popularity amongst us old-hands when the web
>came along.  Another thing is that some of us like to customize the
>presentation at some of the glitzier sites - to our specific interests. 
>Stuff like <username's> excite page .. or my-yahoo etc where one sets
>the preferences once and the site "knows" whose preferences to use in
>the future.. all tend to be coookie-based stuff.  So - this will not
>mean that ppl really needing to cover thier tracks will not still need
>to - but be aware of the "other side" of the biz. of disabeling 
>ron b.
>Graeme Bacque wrote:
>> wrote:
>> > Maybe someone with Netscape can tell the similar procedure.
>> >
>> > Charles Wilson
>>  1. In Netscape look for the file 'cookies.txt'. Load it into a text 
>> delete all except for the first three lines, then save it to disk.
>> 2. In Windows Explorer, right-click on this file, then select 
'properties' on the
>> pop-up menu which appears. Check the box marked 'read only.'
>> (You have to execute *both* of the above operations. This works for 
Windows 95 - I
>> don't know about Win3x or Mac.)
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