Re: Evicted, sort of

Theodore Latham (
Thu, 07 May 1998 17:38:06 PDT


    Good Luck and be strong! And choose future roommate wisely! Keep us 
updated and remember the public library usually has free "time slotted" 
internet access so my advise to you is to utilize your webmaster skills 
and go through the entire library and financial district and persuade 
someone to pay you to do a couple of web pages for some quick cash! Make 
sure your pitch contains 2 elements: (1)an immediate since of urgency & 
(2) make them think they are getting the deal of a life time, and also 
let them know that they can watch you design the site, and add any input 
towards the pages design that they feel neccessary! I don't know if 
you've ever panhandled, or even if you've ever been homeless, but I do 
know I have panhandled from coast to coast and was good at it! So I'm 
telling you this from the heart and experience! People will give you $20 
to $50 on the spot to have a web page custom designed for them while 
they watch! I use to carry pre-designed templates on a 3 1/2" floppy, 
while I was out there on the curb, so that I can give the "blue collars" 
a choice of web page designs! Can you see the potential now? But don't 
do like I did and smoke up all the profits, if that's your cup of tea! 
Once again, I wish you Good Luck! Nuff Said!


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (919)539-4228

"Bruce D. Burleson" <> saddly wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>My roomate has asked me to vacate the apartment by
>June 4th.  It's all a long story, but the bottom line is
>that we disagree in regards to the drug dealer
>downstairs, and our respective personalities are now
>conflicting, and are no longer compatible.
>So the next month I will have to spend most of my 
>free time and energy finding another place to live.
>I figure I'll try to get into another roomate situation...
>This may or may not jeopardize my travel plans
>for the second week in August; will let you know.

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