Anonymously Browsing (Hate) Sites

Flower Child (
Thu, 7 May 1998 09:16:21 -0700

The question was brought up about how to investigte certain web sites
without those sites reading our "cookies" and knowing who we are, and maybe
adding us to their mailing lists.  I believe I know the way, with Internet
Explorer 4.0.

Browsers generally allow turning off cookie use.  With
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 this is the procedure:
     From Internet Explorer 4.0
       From the  "View" menu
              Pick "Internet Options"
                     Click on  "Advanced"
                           Under  "Security"
                               Look for "Cookies"
AT THIS POINT, you can check "Disable all cookie use."

You can then browse the site, and if you don't answer other questions,
you're doing it anonymously.  We need this ability to investigate

Maybe someone with Netscape can tell the similar procedure.

Charles Wilson