Fringe Festival schedule

Bonnie Briggs (
Wed, 06 May 1998 10:10:12 PDT

Bonnie Briggs
Hi gang,
  I now have the schedule for Cobblestone Theatre's shows in the Fringe 
Festival. Cobblestone Theater is a street people's theatre group in 
Toronto that puts on plays about homelessness, street life, poverty, 
food banks, etc. I am a co-founder, a writer, an actor, a spokeperson, 
sometimes an understudy, and sometimes a booking agent. The Fringe 
Festival is an annual Festival that is held in Toronto. Artists from all 
over the world participate in it. Here is the schedule. 

Mon. July 6/98; 11:00 pm (note that it is p.m., not a.m. as earlier 

Tues. July 7/98; 8:00 pm

Wed. July 8/98; 2:00 pm

Thurs. July 9/98; 6:30 pm

Sat. July 11/98; 12:30 pm 

Sun. July 12/98; 11:00 pm

  All performances to be held at the Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College 
St., east of Spadina, between Spadina and University,  3rd floor, 
Toronto. If you're going to be in the Toronto area during that week, why 
not check it out? The show is called "The Legend Of Harris Hood". It is 
loosely based on Robin Hood, but in reverse. He takes from the poor and 
gives to the rich. Harris Hood is, of course, Premier Mike Harris. I 
play the Deficit Dragon and a tenant, a Saxon who gets crewed by Prince 
Mike and loses her housing. I hope you can make it. It's going to be an 
interesting experience. 

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