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For nearly 2,000 posts written or forwarded by homeless and ex-homelsss
people, see HOMELESS PEOPLE'S NETWORK ARCHIVES.  Nearly all posts focus on
policy and programs affecting us.  April threads are listed below.

Hot topics in our dozen or so posts daily include: squatting, innovative
housing, the criminalization of poverty and difference, plus homeless
people's civil, economic and housing rights.

HPN is a half year old Internet discussion group for homeless and
ex-homeless people.  Many who post are also activists, academics or service

We hail from three continents and seven nations.  Views vary widely on our
uncensored list.

If you've been homeless or are now, I invite you to subscr_be.

For details on us, see HPN URLs below.  Thanks.--Tom Boland, HPN listowner

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Messages: 429

       AA/NA meetings mandatory at shelter in Clearwater, FL
       About the List
       all of the above
       Am Indians want own voice in policy - homelessness rate high
       Antioch, CA mulls curfew to sweep parks of vagrants
       As natural as falling off a log... or through a net (Was: Homeless Man
         Found Dead...)
       Attention U.S. Activists: "Gathering of Spies" in May
       Australia's youth homelessness growing, report finds
       AZ homeless man threw doughnuts at cop, charges allege
       Benton Best Practices Toolkit: great tools for nonprofits
       brainwash self-test (fwd)
       bridge grates block homeless to "protect" swallows - Denver
       Broken-down Squatter: 1894 lyrics by Charles Flower, Australia
       Budapest's underpass squatters [1996 article]
       building a squatter's revolution: Undercurrents videozine [UK]
       Building Community: Online Conference Ap 15 to May 14 [Sonny FWD]
       buzzard soup on El Salvador street childrens' menu
       CA police booked on suspicion of kidnapping homeless man
       CBC interview with NYM (fwd)
       CHAIN LETTER to the Citizens of the World.
       cheesecake riots
       Chiapas: ALERT
       Chicago School Board: move mission to "better serve homeless"
       Child Abuse, Neglect At Record Levels: HHS Press Release/Sonny
       childhood experiments
       church serving homeless will hurt shopping center business?
       CIA Kids Page
       Clouding King's Legacy - By Norman Solomon
       Cobblestone Theatre in the Fringe Festival
       Columbia: drugland goes to homeless
       Community Policing & Law Enforcement
       conversations with homeless people
       Counterprotest on Saturday, May 2, 1998 (Washington, D.C.)
       Crime and death at a young age: Is this why King died?
       Criminalizing the Charitable: Food Not Bombs story on Alternet
       CWS-W: Fw: FW: Urgent:Denny's Petition (fwd)
       Cyberprotest: Peace,Justice,Human Rights, Humanity OUT LOUD (fwd)
       DAA ignores Garcia's threat: NIMBY politics in Austin. Texas
       DAMN seeks May Day coverage: Direct Action Media Network URL
       DAMN: www.nyu.edu/projects/wray/April10.html (fwd)
       Day Center for Homeless Families - NCH FWD
       Day Of Mourning: Plymouth, MA trial/UAINE requests letters 4-21
       DENDRITE: RESIST forced outpatient psych. drugs! E-mail now!
       DENDRITE UPDATE: FREE HOUSING for protest of forced psychiatry
       DENDRITE UPDATE: human rights in "mental health" system
       DENDRITE UPDATE: human rights in "mental health" system
       Different News Accounts Considered "FRAUD" of Truth; Let Browser
       Diversion Road squatters: City Hall acts to stay ejection [PNA]
       Diversity Fatigue in the news media: By Norman Solomon
       documentary on the homeless [from Jennafer Waggoner]
       documentary on the homeless/reply by LA Big Issue publisher
       Does anyone care about homeless?
       Dreams of Housing
       Drunken Dwarf Update- Reverse Culture Jam
       Duty to Disobey -- Reuters 4/5/98
       Eat The Rich festival June 12-14 at Svartlamon in Trondheim,
       Economic Human Rights: May 2 day of action in Oakland, CA
       Fight Wage Law, Say Homeless Advocates [welfare-to-work]
       Filipino Nailed to Cross as Protest of Squatters' Plight
       five myths of the internet [sent by Sonny Covington]
       food donor protection bill passes Florida Senate unanimously
       FOOD FIRST hunger action: call you US Senator _free_ by May 1
       food forum
       For panhandling, drunkenness, Atlanta plans "petty crime" court
       for those of us feeling cranky:
       FREE COMPUTERS for schools and educational nonprofits FWD (fwd)
       Free service to HPN subscribers
       free voice mail for homeless people
       Friends of the Lubicon Decision - VICTORY!!!!!!!!!
       fund for security deposits?
       Fw: CONFANN: Pacific NW Labor History Assn.
       Fw: Information on W-2
       Fw: posting messages to the listserv
       Fw: state only TANF programs
       Fw: Welfare-To-Work Conference
       Fw: Wisconsin Welfare Reform Conference
       Fw: [act-ma] May 1 Iraq Sanctions Forum
       Fw: CDF Update 4-17-98
       Fw: Clock
       Fw: HealthLink: New Web Site
       Fw: Homeless Used to Remove Asbestos: "human exploitation" says Reno
       Fw: Law Society Underestimates Need
       Fw: M-NEWS: Mayday demo in Riverside, California
       Fw: News.Youth
       Fw: POWER protests welfare cuts SF officials proposed
       FWD A critical look at Earth Day 1998
       fwd on victims rights
       Fwd: Understanding-Compassion-Inshight
       Gentles Inquest 4/17/98
       German pacifists urge "Jobs, not Weapons" in Easter marches
       German Project Breaks the Catch-22 of No Home, No Job (fwd)
       Give Carts to Homeless, Says San Francisco Supervisor
       Global Action to Abolish Nuclear Weapons ::: Please Join!
       GLOBAL STREET PARTY Sat 16 May 1998
       Golden Gate Park "homeless sweeps"/SF seeks new Parks Chief
       Greyhound lobbying strong We must Contact Senate Conference
       HandsNet Wekly Digest Ap 4-10: housing-homelessness alerts, info
       Hard to Place...Population...Strategies
       Hawaii cuts programs for poor, funds Miss Universe pageant
       Health Care
       Health Care Tax Cuts - FWD via Sonny
       homeless advocates to take to streets in Philadelphia
       homeless black ballet pioneer reunites with family
       homeless bums ought to work - your reply?
       homeless children's legal aid system: Casa Alianza/Covenant House
       homeless dance pioneer's family to reunite after news story
       homeless documentary: Miller's "Cruise"/Independent Film Fest
       homeless get email free in London via AOL, Centrepoint
       homeless get land title to former drug lord's estate: Columbia
       homeless in Prague and Eastern Europe
       Homeless man found dead
       homeless man shot dead while panhandling in Mesa, Arizona
       Homeless Medical Care Guide free on-line
       Homeless Memorial Service
       homeless recyclers squeezed by LA law
       homeless to protest Devil Ray opening day
       Homeless Used to Remove Asbestos: "human exploitation" says Reno
       homeless women: half were raped, says study [Sydney, Australia]
       Homeless Youth: Toronto City worker seeks info on "best practices"
       HORROR IN Virginia
       Housing AND Welfare to Work
       housing discrimination reports on rise in NY area/FHCCNY
       housing program cuts fund increased military spending
       How do I fish?, was: serving food "gets the poor
       HPN APRIL ARCHIVES up and working
       HPN Archives: anti-homeless/anti-feeding sweeps are key topics
       HUD collecting housing complaints on website (fwd)
       Indian writers wanted - Spirit Talk Anthology, Blackfoot Nation
       International Network of Street Papers/NANSA directory/NCH URL
       Internet (fwd)
       Internet is NOT inherently democratic
       Internet search engines for sholarships (fwd)
       Introduction by new member
       inventing shelter ideas (FWD)
       jail, shelter the new mental hospitals? [Phoenix, AZ]
       Japan homeless sleep in wealth's shadow
       Jericho '98! The Mass Protest that Never Happened
       JOB at Cornell U: Center for Religion, Ethics, & Social Policy
       Job: Free Speech TV Program Manager, Boulder, CO [DAMN] FWD
       Journal of Poverty: Call for Papers - FWD via Sonny Covington
       Judges Against the Drug War: Now Recruiting INFO REQUEST
       LA Big Issue premieres: Making Change supporters object
       LA development plan: raze shelter
       LA health Fair Provides Free Examinations for the Homeless
       LA Soup Kitchen's Homeless Clients Cause Crime, Say Neighbors
       Law Society Underestimates Need
       Law Society Underestimates Need [Wandering Bear's reply]
       lawyers host "nice" meal for Toronto homeless, guest says
       Lawyers serve free meal to homeless
       London's 'Cardboard City' - High Court orders eviction
       Loneliness worse than lack of cash to homeless
       Looking for homeless agencies in Hood River, Oregon area
       Making use of volunteers
       Manitoba Mental Patients/Prison
       Medi-Cal and Ventilators
       merchants' anti-panhandling actions/SF CA meeting 4-23 7PM
       Mexican street children tortured: sample protest letter
       Mexico now beating street children
       Miami street sweeps: American Civil Liberties Union watching
       Micropower Radio & Food Not Bombs in TIME Magazine
       microradio: pretrial hearing prevents FCC crackdown
       Military Barracks for Poor
       more skills, interventions
       Murder of Landless Leaders in Brazil. URGENT !
       Nat Conference on Homelesssness & Welfare Reform: May 29-30 Chicago
       National Homeless Education Conference in Des Moines Nov 7-10
       Net user lives in tent
       New from HUD USER - Habitat survey - Fieldworks articles
       New York Continuum of Care Report (Long)
       NLCHP seeks info on Food Services NIMBY/Food Stamps Barriers
       No Housing Ladder [Heritage Foundation journal article]
       North America: protest psychiatric fascism
       North Bennington VT trustees fight homeless shelter
       now-action-list Changes in Bankruptcy Law Bad News for Women (fwd)
       NPR TBI Broadcast
       NWSA Journal Call for Papers Appalachia (fwd)
       NY Prison Moratorium Project: Albany Action May 5/bill A.10303
       NYC Steal This Radio "pirates" Defy FCC/Ap 15 - go ON AIR, sue
       NYM Will Resist... (fwd)
       OCAP Newsletter (April 1998) Issue 2
       Occupation in brussels
       Oh, Sweet Chocolate!
       OMCT ALERT 22 Apr 98
       On Poverty and Crime: Oscar Wilde's views [by John Hilty]
       Ontario: Tenant "Protection" Act: OCAP report Executive Summary
       oped bashes Jenning's claim NYC hides homeless, support of Fonda
       oppose cuts to Social Services Block Grant/Children's Defense
       ordered to relocate "box city", MI students learn homeless
       ordinance proposed to feed hungry legally in Richmond, VA
       Oregon Homeless Civil Rights Organizing Project: Kick Off May 4
       Organ Thieves at Large?
       Organizing to defeat anti-homeless initiatives
       Overwaitea law suit: info request by Niall McKenna, Alberta, CA
       pastor convicted of "harboring homeless" breaks ground for shelter
       patient care
       Philippino squatter families to be resettled [8 Dec 1997]
       pioneering black ballet dancer found homeless in NY
       Pirate Radio Fights for Free Speech - by Jim Cullen FWD (long)
       plan to employ SF homeless in live-in factory: Uhlman
       Plymouth 25 trial: police cover-up continues [UAINE report] MA
       Plymouth 25: What happened in court today
       police evict Chittagong squat - 3 dead, over 50 injured [1-4-98]
       police murder street child: Guatemalan pres refuses court order
       political theatre disrupts Boston Tea Party (3 short articles)
       politics in prosecution when officer shoots homeless man
       poor unwelcome, says Calgary city alderman [Canada}
       POWER protests welfare cuts SF officials proposed
       Pregnant women to lose benefits
       Premier Mike Harris & pregnant mothers/welfare
       Priase Our Leaders: protest song via MAI-not
       private policeman shoots street child: write Hondoran officials
       Proposed TB Rule: Hearings Begin April 7
       protest forced drugging in DC May 2nd
       Rally for Solutions, Not Criminalization, for Homeless Persons
       Reclaim The Streets occupation: Vancouver {DAMN list report]
       Recycled News You Can Use (NASNA) - Tim Harris/Real Change FWD
       refused shelter, homeless man's sleep in dumpster is deadly
       Rent Unaffordable for 5.3 million US families: HUD report
       rights for CA homeless & poor proposed by NDP MP
       Robert Gould OBIT/opposed forced hospitalization
       Robert Gould OBIT/opposed forced hospitalizatrion of homeless
       Roofless Women & WEATOC: Women's Voices of Resistance Ap 18
       rural homelessness
       Rwanda: priests helped massacre Tutsis
       San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness online
       Santa Cruz, CA Hunger Cleanup on April 25th needs volunteers
       Santa Monica squatters fought the law & won [Jennafer Waggoner]
       SCI News Release:NO FORCE Counterprotest in Washington
       school committee concerned by church shelter plans [Ohio]
       Seattle Plans "Jungle" Evictions - Stop the Homeless Sweeps
       Semantics [of "homeless mentally ill" lable]
       serving food
       serving food "gets the poor"
       SF cuts GA welfare checks $66 for some as protesters howl
       SF race runners pee on streets: cameras, Web site may comfirm
       SF requests copter to hunt squatters: story in Project Censored
       shelter contractors clamor for cash [Philadelphia, PA]
       shelters close, leaving homeless in cold: Glendale, CA case
       shopping cart citations hinder recycling by homeless people
       shopping cart law pushing poor, critics say [Tampa 2-28]
       sidewalk control bill anti-homeless, say Phillie protesters
       soup kitchen SKIT: UFE model for homeless people's street theatre
       SOUPSTOCK Foods Not Bombs SF free festival: Saturday, April 25
       SPAMMING the Homeless Peoples Network
       SPAMMING the Homeless Peoples Network and My Mailbox
       squatters must move for bridge repairs [Philippines]
       squatters protest police massacre in Brazil
       Squatter's World Games in Leipzig/Germany
       Squeegee Kids Victory
       STOP Seattle's Homeless Sweeps/Food Not Bombs Seattle contact
       Street Kids Distrust System - Provincial Task Force
       street theatre script/Activist Cookbook: United for a Fair Economy
       Sudan: famine relief underway
       SuperNOFA grant & Excellence Awards info: New from HUD USER
       tar-paper shacks & starving children in GA? - Fonda apologizes
       taylor's campaign (fwd)
       taylor's campaign schedule
       Tedrico's Page has been Updated (4/25)
       Tedrico's Page Reviewed Site Makes Award-It! Top 20 List
       The Politics of Policing
       The Real Issue: who speaks for homeless people?
       The Russian Non-Profit Sector: 1997
       The system is out of control! (VERY long)
       theater action gets media eye - nonviolently /UFE member report
       theatre & politics case study: Tax Day protest/longer article
       thousands protest squatters' death & arrests in Turin, Italy
       TIPS FOR SQUATTING AS A POLITICAL ACT by Tom Boland 4-26-98
       Today's FOCUS at HUD
       [TORONTO] APA - No Way!! June 3, 1998
       (Toronto) Defend People Charged in Oxford St. Eviction
       Toronto "relocates" Gypises to ther communities: not "dumping"?
       Toronto: Housing Alternative Needs Support [Brian Burch]
       Toronto: will poor will be left out of Olympic Bonanza?
       Tuberculosis Decline Does Not Spread to All Groups
       U.S. settles apartment discrimination cases
       UAINE Plymouth legal update 4/21/98
       Ukraine: Street children find guardian angels
       UN report urges US to end capital punishment: biased justice
       Unbundling Housing & Services Advocacy Conf./Harvard May 14-15
       Upcoming Seattle Events
       UPDATE: San Diego Protest For Shelter [California, USA]
       US: Activism: Boot Camp for Ballot Initiatives
       US Government / Defense Websites, etc
       US House shifts $2.2B from housing to military & emergency relief
       VA bill to stop restrictions on food programs
       Vote Tedrico's Page for WebGuide Awards '98 - Fight #3
       war on drug email list
       Washington state (fwd)
       we'll occupy seized estate, say homeless families [Columbia]
       Welfare Reform Impacts on the Public Housing Program - HUD USER
       Welfare to Work resources - FWD via Sonny
       welfare-to-work: show us the jobs, HERO director says
       Weyerhaeuser endangers homeless men. (fwd)
       Workfare Slavery will Spread to Private Sector (Ontario)
       write letters re US Federal Budget Priorities - FCNL [Quaker]
       Your Feedback Is Greatly Needed!
       Youths discover plight of the homeless - roasting marshmellows
       Zero Tolerance sweeps homeless, poor & minorities from streets

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