Re: Massachusetts DMH Human Rights issues

P. Myers (
Mon, 4 May 1998 13:34:43 -0700 (PDT)

Bruce, if you decide to do this, not only say it but write it...a journal
on legal pad...write edge to edge (important), with dates, times.  If you
stop writing, mark out the entire rest of the sheet, so that no one may
add, and include something to the effect that initials don't count.  when
you stop writing and the sheet is fully marked, then sign and date.

Don't want you to be paranoid, but watch your back; that is the purpose of

Re speaking with your superiors, be ready to let them know, if they try to
intimidate you out of your plan, how you will intend to deal with this
action (whatever) on their part.  

This is nothing more than information-giving on your part.  And to let
them know that you have thought this through, and have determined that,
should you meet resistance, your next steps will be....of course you don't
share that until and unless they decide to put up roadblocks, or restrict
your work, repeatedly.  we *try (wink) to move from negotiation to an
adversarial posture, slowly and deliberately, and as a function of the
reaction of the other.

Good luck and keep us posted.  Pat Myers

On Mon, 4 May 1998, Tom Boland wrote:

> Bruce, when you go into work, I suggest that you say something like this to
> your supervisor(s) and co-workers:
> "I plan to investigate the alleged complaint(s) by residents, but to do so
> with utmost carefulness about the facts of the case(s).  I neither want to
> sweep actual abuse under the rug, nor permit sanctions on the unjustly
> accused.  However, I must make clear that it is my legal responsibility as
> Human Rights Officer to investigate all alleged abuse.
> If you feel that I am mistaken about my legal responsibilities, I invite
> you to go with me to those officials whose mandate is to see that I do my
> job as Human Rights Officer, and let these officials clarify my duties."
> In short, let them know that you are serious in a business-like tone,
> without either being rude or backing down.--Tom
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