Re: liberals pro-misfit & anti-white? - "hate the homeless" file FWD

Andrea Wilson (
Mon, 4 May 1998 11:07:42 -0700

Tom Boland asked:
;>[Is it worth replying to hate-posts such as the one below? If so, how?
>The bottom of this Usenet post listed many links to White Power web sites.
>I've ficticiously titled the article...]

Here's my response, from Andrea-Zephyr Wilson ---
       Tom, I carefully read the hateful, racist, forwarded post that you
refer to.  It is deliberately-crafted hate propaganda, loaded with language
intended to trigger hatred and action in the minds of dissatisfied,
uncertain white readers, female and male.  In other words, intended to tap
into any anger, frustration, etc. in a certain group of people in order to
use their time & energy for the supposed "white woman" cause.  Both
hate-filled and dangerous.  If a reply goes only to the original poster,
there's no point in a reply, as that person is deeply entrenched in the
business of spreading hate.  BUT, if a reply also reaches the audience of
the original poster, then a brief reply is a good idea --- not a reply
taking issue with the posted garbage point-by-point, but a reply stating
firmly that the poster's message is dangerous, hate-filled, and untrue.
      Whoever wrote that post, whether female or male, probably has a
hate-thesaurus of trigger-words that they use to save time whenever they
crank out one of their hate-posts --- the subject of their posts changes
from time-to-time, but not their trigger words.  There's also the chance
that the writer is of a non-white ethnic group who chooses to write such
garbage to inflame others against whites.  Who knows?  In any case, it's
written by someone spreading hate to divide humans from each other.
       I have lived in many parts of the U.S.A. --- Virginia, North
Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, California, New Mexico,
Arizona.  Sadly, in every area, I encountered, in certain individuals &
groups,  racism in every so-called ethnic group I got to know, both "white"
and "non-white".  And within each ethnic group, the desire in some people to
additionally put down some members of their own ethnic group, in order to
feel more power themselves.  As long as many people think in terms of
groups, exclusivity, hierarchies of giving more value to some people's lives
over others, etc, this will happen.
      What a better world it will be when everyone values everyone else
because we are all human!  I think each person who wishes a strong
"cultural" identity for themself should choose the positive aspects of their
cultural history to nurture into their present life and the future, and dump
the negative aspects of their cultural past.  In that way, diversity
continues but hatred, selfishness, and power trips disappear.
      I haven't read the white power links, or any white power material
anywhere unless I stumbled onto it, as it makes me almost physically ill to
touch such hatefilled spirits, but maybe I'd better read them to learn more
about how the hatred works that has affected humanity for so many years.
    I've noticed over the past few years, through reading magazines, books,
newspapers & recently, the Internet, that many of the people who're trying
to improve the way people treat each other believe that hatred of one person
toward those in a different "group" of people) is based on fear (fear that
the "other" group will take over their own job, or their good wages, or
their spouse, or their children, or their land, etc.).  I think fear is only
part of it.  I think the desire for power over others is a major hunk of the
hatred toward other "groups".  Too many people are hung up on having power
over others.  I think this  is probably a cross-cultural reality, not
restricted to western "civilization" --- certainly the ancient eastern
"civilizations" were also hung up on power over others.  Only when most
individuals are willing to let go of this childish (and highly dangerous)
grasping for power over others, will our humanity advance.  Here's the
paradox as I see it --- those people who feel secure in themselves without
the need for the props of power and massive amount of material goods are the
people who truly can love others and work for a better life for all.  But,
by definition, those loving people are not power-hungry.  So, in general,
the economic/political/rulemaking/munitions-deciding people are those who
avidly want and seek power over others!  They go after such power with
tremendous energy and could care less who gets hurt in the process or who
gets hurt by the systems they set up!  If it weren't for weapons of all
kinds, the power-wielders could simply be ignored by the gentler,
life-affirming people who care about others.  But the power-wielders always
make sure they've plenty of weapons, and they offer to youth the images of
great power & prestige & some money to get youth to take up the weapons for
them, in order to keep the gentle people under control, and sometimes to
entirely take over other parts of the world.  So, anyone know the way out of
the paradox?
     I am in no political party and espouse no particular system.  I want
kindness for all.  In my own way, I've been spreading this most of my
life --- primarily by shaking off the hatreds aimed at me as a child instead
of carrying them forward to zap others with; and by raising 3 children with
love and with my example to them of respect for diversity in people and
lifestyle. One of these kids is only 10, so it's still an ongoing process.
Now that I'm not involved in jobs to earn a living, I'm going to pursue this
strongly in other areas also --- poetry, prose, and artwork that sends a
message of love for all and a message that we can no longer "put up with" a
power structure that stomps on people.
      I guess always in my mind there's the image of a metal sculpture that
I saw about ten years go --- a large sculpture of a head --- one side of the
face was set in a rather blank, stiff, unfeeling expression, the kind so
many people present to the world (when they're not presenting its
counterpart, a constantly smiling rigid expression).  The other side of the
face had the skin peeled away, head thrown back, mouth screaming in rage and
agony.  I saw then, & feel now, that the blank face was the one so many put
on in order to "get along" in society, while the screaming side of the face
was the pent-up feelings of the person resulting from putting on that false
face, day after day, year after year.  A scream for individuality!  A scream
to be noticed as a human!  A scream to be free of a robot existence!  As I
had made the mistake of putting on the blank face (or the too-smiling face)
for a period of years to get along in the work world without at the same
time dealing with the painful issues left over from a negative childhood,
that statue really resonated with me, and woke me up.  A work world isn't in
itself a negative place; work is natural;  if our ancestors had stayed
curled up in their cozy huts all the time, none of us woud be here today.
But a work world which doesn't allow the time or respect or decent wage for
a person to get help for their spirit-psyche when needed,  is destructive,
as it grinds people down.  Well, I guess this work-world stuff is a
different topic, so I'll sign off for now.  (I accidentally wrote "sing off
for now", so maybe I'll go sing off somewhere, with my reedy voice).

Love and respect from Andrea-Zephyr Wilson