Fw: Why We're Homeless, Community-less, in the Land of Plenty

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Subject: Why We're Homeless, Community-less, in the Land of Plenty

>An excerpt from Boston Globe  04/29/98  page A23
>LAZY LIES ABOUT WELFARE  By Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist
>Corporate welfare at $250 billion a year costs taxpayers seven times more
>than welfare for the poor, nearly the equivalent of the budget for the
>military. But the media do not spotlight tax breaks for the powerful with
>seven times the power. In the Globe's major-newspaper database, the phrase
>''welfare reform'' appeared 14 times more often than the phrase ''corporate
>THE WAY I see the big picture, the machines & computers are really doing
>most of the work now, combined with the fact that the developed world lives
>off the cheap resources and labor of the third world.  Everybody just about
>could be on welfare or we could have four-hour workdays standard and have
>people back in communities seeing each other and their children again, but
>the rich continue to skim off the profits at every opportunity, and we have
>the totally MAD situation we have now.  What is defined as a 'house' is
>priced totally out of reach of average, even employed, persons and ordinary
>housing which you can make yourself like in the third world is completely
>outlawed, so we have the continuing homeless problem and housing subsidies
>to the relatively affluent landlord property-owning class.  The only reason
>you're not complaining is that this is not the third world with its
>hardships, and we're living in the 'gravy' here; even our poor have TV's,
>apartments, cars, for jobs like flipping hamburgers, which in the third
>world would not rate anywhere near that high a living for them (us).