Re: liberals pro-misfit & anti-white? - "hate the homeless"

Liberty (
Sun, 03 May 1998 20:46:23 -0400


At 06:46 PM 02/05/1998 -0700, Tom Boland wrote:

>Does anything look familiar to you about the following statement:  "The
>social services agency of Anytown announced yesterday that it was
>expanding its services to include minorities, illegal aliens, the
>homeless, AIDS patients, gays and......women."

The point I would make is that an agency that is as politically neutral
as it claims to be, should not have to make an "effort" per se, to
expand its services to "include" ... etc.  Agencies should treat people
as individuals.  I was at a meeting the other night when someone tried
to put forward the argument that women (and gays) experience the mental 
health system differently than men (and straights), and are therefore,
justified in asking for "special" treatment.  I asked her to come up with 
some examples, of how gays, women, etc. have it so differently and perhaps,
harder, in the mental health system. She cited misdiagnosis, experience of
abuse, sexism, racism, over-drugging, among other things.  I asked her if 
she can come up with similar studies that show that men (and straights) do 
not experience the same thing with the mental health system, and of course, 
she came up empty.  As a woman (who happens to be straight), I do not feel 
I need to be dealt with "differently", I just need to have my individual
needs heard and respected.  Other women and men are also individuals, and
they too, have their individual needs and concerns.  Once folks stop 
putting one another into boxes or categories, we just might get the kind
of help and services that we need, that will actually do the trick.

>As women, and most important, as WHITE women engaged in a desperate
>battle for the future of our race, our nation, and our families, can we
>afford to be continually lumped in with the scum of the earth, as if we
>have something in common with them?  The answer is:  NO!  How cruddy and
>low-down do these lists have to become before we protest?

I recognize the writer did not have the best way of expressing it, but
I think her point is understood. There are many people who would look
at me, as wife, mother, business owner, upper middle class, homeowner,
living in the 'burbs of Toronto, etc. as somebody that does not deserve
consideration and/or support ... but when one further understands that
I live most of my life in pain, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
and bipolar affective disorder, need a personal assistant to get around,
and pay for lots of therapy/alt. meds to keep going, etc. then one would
kind of wonder, how I ever, ever made it.  Sometimes, I wonder that myself.