Fw: M-NEWS: US West Coast Waterfront Workers Alert!

Bruce D. Burleson (anvil@quik.com)
Sat, 2 May 1998 22:25:49 -0400

Just putting the word out, folks, in case anyone on these
lists is involved.  Cheers.

> From: Hugh Rodwell <m-14970@mailbox.swipnet.se>
> To: marxism-news@lists.village.Virginia.EDU
> Subject: M-NEWS: US West Coast Waterfront Workers Alert!
> Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 6:47 PM
> Forwarded from LabourNet via Labor-List.
> Cheers,
> Hugh
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> Just as ships with scab cargo are about to dock at West Coast
> ports......... rumors are spreading on the waterfront that the
> Australian dockworkers have won their struggle, that it's all over.
> Brothers and sisters, this scuttlebutt is, at best, premature
> celebration or, at worst,  a rumor initiated by the maritime employers
> and/or the right wing, anti-union Australian government to confuse and
> disarm wharfie supporters across the big pond.
> The wharfies have been waging a solid strike to defend their union, the
> Maritime Union of Australia, and working conditions.  They are now in
> the forefront of maritime workers around the world in the fight against
> capital's attempt internationally to destroy waterfront unions,
> historically the most militant.  The big surprise for the bosses was the
> overwhelming popularity with which the wharfies' stand was greeted by
> the Australian working class, bolstering the picket lines to massive
> proportions in a successful effort to stop scab cargo from entering the
> docks. Mass defiant actions like these would make the Liverpool dockers
> or any dockworker proud.
> In a fax dated April 30, 1998, a union official, warns longshore
> workers on the West Coast of company ploys and asks us to keep up the
> support until they are back at work.  We must not let them down.  It's
> the same struggle, against the same bosses whether in Australia, Japan,
> Mexico, Canada, England or the United States.
> Jack Heyman #8780
> San Francisco